Botanical Inspired Fall Decor by Terrain

Have you started decorating for fall yet? If not, I’ve got a treat for you with today’s Market Monday with botanical inspired fall decor by one of my favorite places to shop online – Terrain. If you’re like me, you enjoy a more natural approach to your seasonal decorations. When I can bring a bit of the outdoors inside, I’m all for it! I fell in love when I spied this gingko iron garland, which then led to me exploring more of what was available for the autumn season. (This post contains affiliate links – see my privacy policy.)


Following are just a few of the pretty fall decor finds you’ll see at Terrain. They didn’t ask me or pay me to feature their decorating options. I just thought you might enjoy their selection as much as I do. Some items are more expensive than others, but I think there’s something for everyone’s budget.


Botanical Inspired Fall Decor

Sources for above items: 1) Preserved Beech Leaf Bunch 2) Brass Leaf 3) Dried Fall Garden Bouquet 4) Dried Quince Slices 5) Thankful Placecards 6) Gingko Tealight Holder 7 Neutral Dried Bouquet 8) Dried Floral Wreath 9 Fern Fronds Door Mat


In addition to the gingko garland, I also love these metal gingko candlesticks. They’re so pretty and elegant and would work well at any time of the year, not just the autumn season. There’s also a gingko tealight holder which is just as pretty.


These gilded oak leaf and acorn napkin rings caught my eye, too. Wouldn’t they look pretty on a fall table – or Thanksgiving, for that matter?

Did you know that napkin rings were first introduced by the French in early 1800? At first they were used to identify a person’s napkin between washings. Back in the day, cloth napkins weren’t washed everyday so each napkin was identified by a person’s christening ring. That way you never ended up using the napkin your brother used the day before. The idea caught like wildfire across Europe, and of course, napkin rings became more fancy as a way for households to show their wealth.


Terrain has so many botanical inspired fall decorating items – I have to be careful not to get too carried away when shopping! It’s so easy to click that “Add to Cart” button (please tell me you can relate!). I confess that I did buy the gingko garland. It’ll look great on my black mantel, just like the first photo in this post.


Scroll through the lookbook below to see more nature-inspired decor from Terrain. Click on each photo for more information. I can’t wait to see what they release for Christmas!



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  1. Thanks for the look-book from Terrain!
    The metal garland is awesome! Years and years ago I bought a metal Fall wreath much like the garland you showed and bought. It was a thrift store find and remains one of my Fall favorites, especially for outside decorating. Isn’t it funny how our seasonal decorating becomes like meeting old friends again?!!

  2. Terrain has beautiful things, but they are so terribly expensive. I was astonished to see what they are calling “circlets” that they are selling three for $198! I’ve been making similar miniature grapevine wreaths for years, using the detritus from the larger faux floral arrangements I make. And the adornments on mine won’t shatter and break like the naturals they are using. Maybe it’s time for me to put mine on Etsy!

  3. Beautiful! I was tempted by the napkin rings, but have so much ‘stuff’ I have to work at using it all as it is. So yes, I totally understand that drop it in the cart urge. Interesting story about napkin rings, Love that sort of info. It is still smoking hot here in Boulder, but does cool off nicely in the evenings. Not quite there with the fall decor, but do put up a lot. We are entering my happy season soon…cooler weather, Fall, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, New Years, and I love Valentines day. Then , as we near Easter and spring, (which I do like, rabbits and everything,) I start dreading the heat of summer. I think if the world ever returns to normal it would be terrific to head for a cooler location during August…Canada? Do you know of a great spot?