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How to Make a Cabbage Flower Vase

Finding the right vase for a flower arrangement can prove challenging. Why not make your own from a cabbage? You read that right – today I’m showing how to make a cabbage flower vase!

DIY Cabbage Flower Vase with Tulips and Roses


Today is the first Saturday of May which means it’s Cozy Living Saturday! I’m joining my friends to share ways we add a little coziness in our lives. For me, May is the month to celebrate all the wonderful spring flowers.

Tulips, Roses, Hyacinths in a Cabbage Flower Vase


To make your cabbage flower vase, hollow out the inside with a knife and sturdy spoon – similar to gutting a pumpkin at Halloween. You might need to slice a small piece off the bottom of the cabbage to keep it from rolling around.

Hollow out the inside of a cabbage to make a vase


Once you have a large enough hole in the cabbage for a vase, cut a piece of floral foam to fit inside. Wet the foam before placing it inside the cabbage. Set your cabbage on a plate or similar to catch any water that might leak out. I put a couple of cabbage leaves on the plate first – for aesthetic appeal.

How to create a cabbage flower vase


Now comes the fun part of adding spring flowers. Cut them from your garden or purchase them from the store. Cut the stems right before you insert the flowers into the foam. This ensures they have a fresh cut which makes it easier for them to pull in the water.

How to make a spring flower arrangement with a cabbage vase


Keep inserting flowers into the wet foam, working in a circular fashion.

How to make a spring flower arrangement with a cabbage vase


I used hyacinths, tulips, roses, and pussy willow branches. I left some of the leaves on the tulips for greenery.

Spring Flower Arrangement


Add a little water inside the hole as needed. The cabbage will leak a little which is why you want to make sure you have a plate or something similar underneath the cabbage.

Tulips, Roses, Hyacinths in a Cabbage Flower Vase


Your friends will be amazed at your creative cabbage flower vase!

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  1. This is so creative and cabbages are fairly cheap. My friends will think i am so smart and you are the reason, thanks.

  2. What a pretty arrangement! Historic Garden Week is ready to start in VA. I am going to make this for the kitchen counter!