Life as a Decoupeur

In addition to bottles, I’ve got a fetish for boxes. Small boxes, big boxes. Square boxes, butterfly-shaped boxes. It doesn’t matter. The plainer the better so I can transform them into something pretty. Here’s my latest decoupage project …

Choosing decorative paper and figuring how you’ll use it is always the fun part.
There are so many colors, patterns and styles available. It’d be fun to design decorative paper.
I finished 3 boxes which are actually part of a larger project I’m working on (can’t tell yet, it’s a secret).
Did you know that someone who decoupages is called a decoupeur? It’s got a nice ring to it.
Here’s how the boxes started out. I found them at Hobby Lobby.
And here’s how they ended up. I think I like decoupage because it reminds me of wallpapering a room.
I love to wallpaper, but painted walls seem to be more popular right now.
So the wallpaper boards sit unused and decoupage becomes a satisfactory fill-in.
I cut out the the clock and butterfly shapes for the sides of the larger box.
It seemed like it needed a little somethin’ more.
Hubby was making fun of me. “You’re gonna post pictures of your boxes?”
“Sure, why not?” A great, great grandchild might do research about her roots,
and find that great, great grandma was a decoupeur!
And she’ll find these pictures archived on the internet.
And maybe it will inspire her to create something of her own.
So I don’t know why hubby thought it was silly for me to post these photos.
I told him some people post photos of shoes.
He suggested I take pictures of his baseball cap. Very funny.
But I still love him. Today, June 30th, is our anniversary.
I would marry him all over again. He’s a wonderful man.

I’ve still got 3 more boxes from Hobby Lobby to decoupage.

I think I’ll use different paper for those. And yes, I’ll post photos of those too, dear hubby!

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  1. WOW!!! These boxes are fantastic, Jennifer! — really beautiful! I love the color/pattern combinations.

  2. I think your boxes are lovely! My husband laughs at me me all the time when I run to grab my camera….food, books, flowers, sweater….I’ve taken pictures of them all. One day an anthropologist will have a field day with our pictures. Have a wonderful weekend. Bonnie

  3. You made the perfect choice with mixing patterns. Lovely! and so professional looking:)

  4. Saw this over on Hometalk! I really like this project and how all the patterns work together!


  5. My husband laughs at me when I take pictures of the food I have cooked. I love the boxes, they are beautiful.

  6. Happy anniversary to you and hubby! The boxes are wonderful.

  7. Jennifer these are Beautiful!! Gotta Love a Husband with a sense of Humor, so Lucky we are!! I hope your Anniversary was wonderful!!

    Huggs, Nancy

  8. Looks to me like you are a master decoupeur- your boxes look great! silly hubby. Happy anniversary! 🙂

  9. Happy Anniversary! Good job on the decoupage! Do you sell the boxes?

  10. I so think, just as a little humor and husband pay back, that you should do a post on your husbands cap. Then show him all of our comments. Do it.


  11. Your boxes are just lovely. I love your choice of color and patterns!

    And Happy Anniversary!

  12. Beautiful boxes! I love the papers you used.

    Happy Anniversary!


  13. Jennifer,
    LOVE these boxes and the paper you chose.Colors look great together.Oh men sometimes they just don’t get it LOL.Have a great day.

  14. happy anniversary, jennifer! i just love the pretty boxes!

  15. ooooh….so pretty! I too have a thing for pretty boxes. Your are lovely. Happy Anniversary 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  16. Cute boxes, Jennifer! I have some old round one that I need to fix up!

    Happy Anniversary!

  17. Hi Jennifer –

    I adore your decorated boxes. They are absolutely beautiful! Is that scrapbook paper used? and questions 2 & 3, what do you do with the insides of the boxes and which kind of decapauge; matte, glossy, etc. Sorry about all the questions, but I am a box lover too!

    Renee @ lattenenes cup of chat

  18. Your boxes are so pretty! They came out awesome! I would be surprised if Pottery Barn or Michael’s didn’t copycat you.


  19. First of all…Congrats on your Anniversary! I’ll bet you could pull off a baseball hat blog post just fine! My husband has started asking me, “Is this a blogable”? He’s getting the idea.

    Your boxes are great! Those paper choices really make it. You taught me a new word today. I’m just not exactly sure how to pronounce decoupeur. I’ll find out because I’m determined to use it in a sentence this week.

    Fun post!


  20. Oh I love these. I just took a nesting set to GW, never thought about decoupaging them. Fantastic. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  21. These boxes are simply fantastic Jennifer, I love them very much, the paper and colors you chose match perfectly, great decoupage, thanks for sharing.

  22. These are BEAUTIFUL! I’ve never done one but you can bet that I’m going to at least try! Happy 4th! xo

  23. Gorgeous boxes! I am so inspired! I want to be a decoupeur, too! The papers you chose are so chic! Can’t wait to see what this secret project is all about! Happy 4th of July!
    Best Wishes and Blessings,

  24. I adore your boxes! They are truly lovely. Found you at Wow Us Wednesdays and I’m now a follower. Would love to have you stop by for a visit. Happy 4th of July ~ Judy @

  25. These are fantastic! what a great inspiration to get my butt in gear!

  26. I used to decoupage…years ago. I didn’t know about “decoupeur”..interesting. Happy belated Anniversary. It’s so nice to hear about a happily married couple when so many don’t seem to be anymore. Happiness is my #1 priority. Of course not at the cost of anyone else’s.
    I love your boxes, they turned out so pretty. Oh, how I wish there was a Hobby Lobby within my reach! LOL!

  27. Your boxes are so beautiful. Have you, by chance, ever done a tutorial on how you decorate them? Would love to give that a try.

  28. Your boxes have really classy feel to them. The choice of colors and papers are fantastic. I have a huge stash of paper and it can be overwhelming to choose but you have done such a wonderful job. All your crafts look very professional to me. Thanks for the inspiration.

  29. Amy arnold says:

    I would have liked to know what you used to make to paper stick

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