Vintage Finds from the Antique Store

This winter has been so snowy and icy cold that I haven't been going out much but hubby and I did manage to get out to the antique store the other day despite the heavy flakes that were coming down. I wasn't really expecting to buy anything ... I just needed to get out of the house. Cabin fever always sets in this time of the year and I get a little stir crazy, thus the impromptu shopping spree. It ended up being a good trip because I came home … [Read more...]

May Flea Market Finds

Last month I shared my finds from the Kane County Flea Market, which is held the first weekend of every month. I decided I would continue to share my treasures each month from the flea market revealing what I paid for each item. I always try to find a bargain but I'm sure there will be times when I overpay for something. This month I found a few things, but not as impressive as April's flea market finds, in my opinion. It seemed like prices were … [Read more...]

Dry Sink Full O’ Fall

When I bought the new buffet, it replaced the dry sink which meant the dry sink needed to move. The dry sink took up residence where the bookshelf used to be. The bookshelf didn't belong in the dining room anyway. The dry sink is painted white using regular latex paint. I think I'm going to paint it Old White using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. This way, it will match the dining table and buffet.The mirror used to be gold. I painted it today in … [Read more...]

Wall Art: Medley of Mirrors

I don't know why, but I think one of the best arrangements of art on a wall is a medley of mirrors. In my humble opinion, they don't have to match. Pair a contemporary mirror with an antique mirror. Tuck a rustic mirror next to a gilded mirror. Color doesn't matter either ... white, blue, bronze, black. Whatever your heart desires. I think an eclectic mix provides greater eye candy. Found this shabby little mirror for $15 at Carter's Cottage.  It … [Read more...]

Refinishing the Vintage Blanket Chest

When hubby inherited a blanket chest from his Aunt Marion, he put his foot down and told me I couldn't touch it with a paint brush. Well, after several pieces of furniture got a makeover in our home, he relented to my constant begging to re-do the vintage chest. Here she is wearing her new colors ...Aunt Marion's blanket chest now wears Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Pure White and a special mixture of Louis Blue and Paris … [Read more...]

Bring Me a Bottle

Lately I've been lovin' bottles. I'm going to blame it on Rosemary over at Villabarnes. Ever since I bought 2 of Rosemary's bottles (one from her Etsy Shop and one from her booth at the flea market), I just can't get enough of bottles. I've actually been playing with her Old World finish a bit on bottles hubby and I found at a discreet nearby dump (yes, we scavenge through dumps ... nothing is beneath us). I've also been scouting some of our … [Read more...]

Skinny Armoire Makeover

About a year ago I scored an old skinny armoire for $40. It's a great piece of furniture because it doesn't take up much space. Although I loved the dark wood, it felt a little ho-hum to me. After all the fun I had painting and decoupaging my desk (check it out here), I decided to apply the same technique to my skinny armoire, using a blue script paper from Michael' The desk is in a different room so I didn't think this would be decoupage … [Read more...]

Spring Decor in the Bedroom

About a year ago I stepped into Amazing Grace, our local antiques store. The shop had been in business for a few years before I ever stepped across their threshold (don't ask why it took so long ... I don't have an answer). Since that first visit, I've made several purchases ... the prices are so reasonable! My fave purchase from Amazing Grace Antiques is my white bedroom dresser.This little DREAM banner came in the mail yesterday.I … [Read more...]

Junque Around the House

Junque is just a fancy way to spell the word junk, and when you think about it ... isn't that exactly what we do with our junk? Fancy it up and make it pretty so it becomes junque? Anywho ... I decided to take some practice shots with my new camera lens but felt too lazy to stylize a room. Not that I'm lazy really, I'm simply in the middle of a bathroom makeover which will be a guest post over at Amanda Dale's Ivy Cottage Blog later this month. … [Read more...]

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