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How to Make a Twig Mirror

Colorful leaves are beginning to carpet our lawn and the Silver Maples have dropped quite a few branches, which is common for that type of tree.  We always get a new batch of fallen twigs after a storm and we add them to our burn pile.  But as I was looking at the pile, the thought occurred to me to do something crafty with those branches. And so today, I’m sharing how to make a twig mirror!

DIY Twig WreathWe had a record number of fallen branches in our yard this summer due to the overwhelming amount of rain and storms. We installed a fire pit to burn them, but I told hubby to slow down the burn rate so I’d have twigs for craft projects.


How to Make a Twig MirrorIt took me a little over an hour to make a twig mirror. The worst part was cutting all those branches into smaller sizes so they’d fit on the mirror frame.


How to Make a Twig MirrorHere’s what I started with. I’ve had this floral mirror for years but it’s been in storage so it was either donate it to our local thrift store, or transform it into something new. There’s nothing wrong with this mirror, I just ran out of space to hang it.


How to Make a Twig MirrorTo make a twig mirror, start by collecting branches of similar width and cut into smaller pieces. I tried to use a few bark types to give the mirror slight color variations. Hot glue the twigs onto the mirror using a hot glue gun.


DIY Twig MirrorI started closest to the mirror and worked my way out. Your twigs won’t fit perfectly, so you’ll need to layer and overlap them.


How to Make a Twig WreathKeep working your way around until the mirror frame is completely covered with twigs.


DIY Twig WreathMy yard is a little cleaner of fallen twigs and branches, and I now have a rustic twig wreath to usher in the beautiful Fall season!


How to Make a Twig MirrorAnd the best part?  This DIY project didn’t cost me any money!

I still had twigs left in the yard, so I gathered up more to make rustic twig candles.

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  1. I really love this idea……I’m in the middle of decorating my place and this would be perfect. Will put this on the “to make” list.