How to Style a Console Table

One thing has led to another here at home and I've been tackling one project after the next. I think a big reason for that is because once the Christmas decorations come down, the house feels a bit barren. The goal has been to add warmth and texture to living spaces and I started with the dining room. More specifically, the console table. It started with a search for console table baskets. (This post contains affiliate … [Read more...]

More Home Decor I’m Lovin’ Now

Last Tuesday I shared home decor that I'm lovin' these days. One blog post wasn't enough to list it all so here's round two of interiors and design ideas that I'm currently crushing on! You can see the first part of the home decor favorites list if you missed it. The Color Brown Now mind you, I've never been much of a fan of the color brown but these days I'm really drawn to it! This is a big surprise to me but I can't ignore the draw of this … [Read more...]

Decorating with Houseplants

Winter is a great time to add plants to your home. Being cooped up when the weather is cold and days are shorter, a bit of greenery in your home is sure to brighten your mood. I'm making it a goal in 2018 to start decorating with houseplants in every room. Add a plant to a room decorated in neutrals and it instantly comes to life. Photo by Historical Concepts   Architectural urns are a great way to show off your plants. Add a large … [Read more...]

Home Decor I’m Lovin’ Now: Part One

Early last year my taste in home decor started to change. Normally I'm attracted to white, bright interiors with pops of color here and there. I've also found cottage style to be appealing and live-able. But then in January 2017 I featured the Randolph Cottage on my blog and my heart was set in a new direction. So today I thought I'd share examples of home decor I'm lovin' right now. White and Neutrals Here it is. The Randolph Cottage living … [Read more...]

Top Ten Posts of 2017: Reader Favorites

It's the first week in January and that means it's time for a look at the year in review for Town and Country Living. Here's your Top Ten favorite blog posts from 2017 (i.e. the most visited), in order of popularity. Thanks to all of you who frequent my blog - without you, there would be no readers' favorite posts. You can see more popular posts by other bloggers at the end of this article. A special thank you to the very talented Cami at Tidbits … [Read more...]

Beautiful Kitchen Remodel Tour

Do any of you dream of a remodeling your kitchen sometime in the future? I love my old farmhouse kitchen but I do dream of a kitchen remodel some day. You know, a kitchen where there's more storage space and a better work flow. I came across a beautiful kitchen remodel by H2 Design + Build that I think you might like! Seems we're seeing more and more two-tone kitchens, with dark cabinets on bottom and light cabinets on top. Do you like this … [Read more...]

Cozy Living Ideas with Candles and Blankets

Welcome to the first month of our brand new Cozy Living series! Eleven bloggers are joining together to share cozy living ideas with you the first Saturday of each month. We hope to inspire you to create memorable cozy moments at home for you and your family. Each blogger (I shared who the cozy living bloggers are last week) will share simple ideas for enjoying that particular month. Links to everyone's ideas are at the end of this post, so … [Read more...]

Cozy Living Series Coming Soon!

Happy Saturday, Friends! I've been so anxious to let you know that next week is the launch of a new Cozy Living Series with a few of my blogging buddies. Join us each month to celebrate the joys and experiences that particular time of year means to us. We'll share the various ways we create a special feeling by making our homes and lives cozy and memorable. Cozy Living means different things to different people. It conjures images of a special … [Read more...]

Country Style Mantels and Fireplaces

All my adult life I've wanted a room with a beautiful fireplace but so far I've never owned a house with a functional fireplace. My parents' house had a gorgeous stone fireplace that stretched up one wall of the vaulted living room. It was pretty impressive and is probably the reason for my desire to have one. For now, I have a faux mantel that's pretty enough for me. Today I'm sharing a collection of mantels and fireplaces to warm your … [Read more...]

Cozy Corner for Me: Giveaway for You!

This post is sponsored by Fiber One. All opinions are my own. Do you devote a little time to yourself each week? When life gets busy, I find it's really helpful to my well-being to enjoy time to myself when I'm not working or watching television. When it's warm out, I retreat to my front porch. Now that it's getting cooler, I've set up a cozy corner inside that's just for me! Keep reading, and you'll find out about a chance to win a special … [Read more...]

Fall Decorating in My Farmhouse Kitchen

The past few weeks I've been organizing my rooms and getting rid of some items. My neighbor took most of my small furniture pieces and gave them to family members. I'm glad they went to good use and I feel a bit freer and less stressed now that the house is getting in order. My fall decorating is done and now I can breathe easy before the crazy holiday season rolls around. Today I'm joining a group of bloggers and sharing a tour of my farmhouse … [Read more...]

The Return to Small House Living

Turn on HGTV today and chances are you might see one of the popular tiny home shows. Before the economic downfall, the housing trend was leaning toward McMansions and then around 2009 a movement toward small house living was launched. You've probably seen those tiny houses that are less than 500 square feet in size. While that's a little small for my liking (I have claustrophobia), I can see the attraction toward cozier cottages. How adorable is … [Read more...]

Warm Up Your Rooms with the Color Brown

Normally I'm attracted to whites and cool colors when it comes to decorating my home. That all seems to be changing these days. For some reason, I've been strongly attracted to brown, tan, and other neutral tones like gray. Honestly, I think it began when I featured the Randolph Cottage in my Charming Home Series. The color scheme is a great way to warm up your rooms. Here's the living room from the house that started it all. I love the warmth … [Read more...]

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