The Story of My Rabbit Lamp

Have you ever found a treasure when shopping but decided not to take it home with you? Such was the case in the story of my rabbit lamp. I first spotted it at The Little Traveler in Geneva and hemmed and hawed over it before finally walking away. The following weekend I decided to go back and get it. Unfortunately for me - the rabbit lamp had sold! (This post contains affiliate links.)   Needless to say, I was pretty disappointed. That … [Read more...]

Decorating with Ticking Stripe

Back in my early twenties I was a huge fan of Asian-influenced decorating. My first rental home was decorated in traditional style with heavy influences of the Orient. Then my older sister showed me an issue of Country Living magazine and everything changed. I fell in love with casual country style and never looked back. A tried and true staple of country decor is ticking stripe and today I'm sharing various ways to use its subtle beauty … [Read more...]

Blue and Green Spring Mantel

Spring decorating is in full force this week at my house. Yesterday I shared my spring sitting room and today I'm sharing the other side of the room. A spring mantel, which is decorated with a few blue and green items that caught my eye in my favorite store. During a recent trip to Cocoon in Geneva, I spied beautiful vases in shades of blue and green. Cocoon is located in an historic home and I love wandering from room to room, knowing that each … [Read more...]

11 Entryway Ideas: Make an Impact

My old house is weird when you walk in the front door because it doesn't really have a designated foyer. I've kind of created a makeshift entry of sorts so it's okay. But I'm truly envious of homes with a designated space to greet guests. Here's a few entryway ideas if, like me, you're looking for a bit of inspiration for the entrance of your home. Wood and white always looks good together. Gleaming floors. A beamed ceiling. All that's needed is … [Read more...]

Why We’re Not Moving

About two years ago I started thinking about selling our 150-year old home and moving into newer construction. The temptation to move began shortly after our basement flooded two summers ago and we painted our home's exterior. Replacing a collapsed basement wall due to a freak rainstorm and flood, along with sprucing up the exterior with paint was a lot of work. And stressful, too. (This post contains affiliate links.)   We started … [Read more...]

Soft and Pretty Rooms for You!

I think it's safe to say that for most of us, we decorate our homes to create a certain ambiance or mood. We use darker colors to feel like a room is wrapping us in a warm hug, we use earthy elements like wood to make us feel grounded, or we incorporate pastel colors and ruffles for a little romance. Today we're focusing on the latter with a collection of soft and pretty rooms. Soft and Pretty Living Rooms White slip covers and long drapes … [Read more...]

Decorating with Lavender

A beautiful sunset washed the sky with the prettiest pastel colors as I was driving home from work the other night. A soft shade of lavender swirled around hues of pink and pale blue. Behind it all was the glow of the sun and it was mesmerizing. The artistry in the sky inspired me to write a post about decorating with lavender. Lavender Living Room Lavender isn't typically the first shade of paint chosen for a living room, but its effect can … [Read more...]

Bold Coastal Style: Charming Home Tour

Bold coastal style? Normally I think of beach style as being soft and serene in hues of blue and green, but today's home adds a fun twist. Strong colors mingle with nautical decor to create unique living spaces in a beautifully constructed home. White paint pops next to chocolate brown wallpaper and a brightly striped stair runner. White board and batten allows the amazing bachelor's chest to take center stage just below the vintage pendant … [Read more...]

12 Spring Decorating Ideas: Making Plans

We had a few "warm" days here and by warm I mean the upper 40s. Whenever we get a warm spell in the middle of winter it means one thing is sure to happen. Spring fever hits and I start brainstorming on spring decorating ideas. I looked through former projects for inspiration and pulled together a few of my favorites. Spring wouldn't be spring without tulips. I become a little obsessed with these beauties this time of year. Wouldn't you love to … [Read more...]

Decorating with Pink: Sweet and Sophisticated

Valentine's Day is just a couple weeks away and I thought it'd be fun to do a feature on decorating with pink! Pink has graduated from a little girl's color to a grown woman's palette. You can find this pleasing hue in every room of the house, from glam to sophisticated to cheerful and fun. Pink in the Living Room Chintz fabrics on furniture and curtains create a soft English country style living room with pale pink walls. The room is … [Read more...]

How to Style a Console Table

One thing has led to another here at home and I've been tackling one project after the next. I think a big reason for that is because once the Christmas decorations come down, the house feels a bit barren. The goal has been to add warmth and texture to living spaces and I started with the dining room. More specifically, the console table. It started with a search for console table baskets. (This post contains affiliate … [Read more...]

More Home Decor I’m Lovin’ Now

Last Tuesday I shared home decor that I'm lovin' these days. One blog post wasn't enough to list it all so here's round two of interiors and design ideas that I'm currently crushing on! You can see the first part of the home decor favorites list if you missed it. The Color Brown Now mind you, I've never been much of a fan of the color brown but these days I'm really drawn to it! This is a big surprise to me but I can't ignore the draw of this … [Read more...]

Decorating with Houseplants

Winter is a great time to add plants to your home. Being cooped up when the weather is cold and days are shorter, a bit of greenery in your home is sure to brighten your mood. I'm making it a goal in 2018 to start decorating with houseplants in every room. Add a plant to a room decorated in neutrals and it instantly comes to life. Photo by Historical Concepts   Architectural urns are a great way to show off your plants. Add a large … [Read more...]

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