How to Make a Vintage Patriotic Banner

It’s the 4th Friday of the month and that means it’s Farmhouse Friday!  My farm decor blogging friends and I are sharing patriotic projects with you today, in honor of Memorial Day weekend. What’s great is you can continue to use these projects for Flag Day and 4th of July! Today I’m sharing how to make a vintage patriotic banner … it’s super simple and costs no money! I’m also including the free vintage printables for you to download.

How to Make a Vintage Patriotic Banner with Free Printables

My vintage patriotic banner includes various images of Lady Liberty. Did you know the Statue of Liberty is based on Libertas, the Roman goddess of liberty? The statue’s full name is Liberty Enlightening the World.


Vintage Patriotic Banner

I used vintage lady liberty graphics from The Graphics Fairy – Karen has literally hundreds (if not thousands) of wonderful graphics that you can download for craft and art projects.


Vintage Lady Liberty Graphics

I sized the images to fit on book pages and put them all in one pdf file for you to easily download to make your own vintage patriotic banner. If you need to resize them, you’ll want to download the PowerPoint version so you can edit them.


How to Make a Vintage Lady Liberty Banner

After cutting out your vintage Lady Liberty images, tear the edges of book pages leaving the pages large enough so that you’ll have a border around the image. I like to tear the edges to give it more of a vintage vibe.


How to Make a Vintage Patriotic Banner

Using Mod Podge, glue the graphic to the book page. Once dry, brush a thin layer of Mod Podge over both the book page and graphic to protect the paper.  Once completely dry, clip to a stretch of twine using mini wooden clothespins to create your vintage patriotic banner.


How to Make a Vintage Patriotic Banner

I love this graphic, probably because we’re in the midst of the presidential campaign. Wake Up, America!  It’s time to vote!


How to Make a Vintage Patriotic Banner

I do hope you exercise your right to vote. Even if you don’t like the current presidential candidates, it’s still important to vote … especially for your local elections. Okay, I’ll get off my patriotic soap box now.  <smile>


Vintage Lady Liberty Graphics

Here’s a Memorial Day graphic, perfect for this holiday weekend.


Vintage Patriotic Banner

I hope you enjoy your Memorial Day weekend. Our town has a small parade early Monday morning followed by a pancake breakfast. How does your town celebrate the holiday that commemorates those who died for our country?

Download the PDF File of Vintage Patriotic Graphics

Download the PowerPoint File of Vintage Patriotic Graphics

Be sure to visit my Farmhouse Friday friends below for more patriotic inspiration.

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  1. I love this banner and am planning to make it. When I downloaded the images my favorite was missing—the one of Lady Liberty standing in front of a fence in a blue dress holding the flag. Any suggestions on how I might get this image or more likely????What I did wrong in the download? Thanks.

    1. Kathi, you did nothing wrong. I inadvertently left that image out of the downloads. I’ve added it and uploaded the new files. Thanks for pointing it out! I like that graphic too. 🙂