How to Make Pillows in Minutes

Yes, you really can make pillows in just minutes ... which means less than an hour. In just a couple hours I made 6 pillows. I'm always looking for pillows to change my rooms from season to season, but they start to get expensive. Not only that, but they take up storage space. So I decided to make pillow covers that I can swap out from season to season. No more storing big fluffy pillows! Now I can just swap out the covers and fold and put away … [Read more...]

How to Paint a Pillow and a Giveaway!

Promise me you won't laugh but ... one of the toughest decorating decisions for me is selecting pillows!  You would think it'd be easy. Pick a color in a pattern that you like and you're done, right? That's exactly my problem though. I love so many colors and my rooms are pretty neutral that I can add any color and be okay. And then when I do finally decide on a color, I can't find a pattern that I like in that color. Sigh. So when I found out … [Read more...]

12 Ideas for Decorating with Pillows

I keep telling myself I'm going to make some pillows. I buy the fabric, I have the pillow forms, but yet I never seem to pull the trigger. Instead, I search for store-bought pillows at the last minute to complete the look of a room. Lucky for me, several of my bloggy friends have pillow tutorials and then I have a few ideas of my own for decorating with pillows. Take a look ... Jamie at So Much Better with Age shares how to sew a beautiful Ikat … [Read more...]

A Simple DIY Project and the “Inspire Me Challenge”

Recently I was asked to join a group of bloggers for a simple "Inspire Me Challenge." The idea is to tackle a simple DIY project that's been sitting on the back burner for a while ... and then share how we tackled the projects. Hopefully, all this will inspire you to do one of these simple projects for yourself!The challenge officially starts on Monday the 19th with these lovely ladies when we all start our projects ... and then a week … [Read more...]

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