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How to Make Pillows in Minutes

Yes, you really can make pillows in just minutes … which means less than an hour. In just a couple hours I made 6 pillows. I’m always looking for pillows to change my rooms from season to season, but they start to get expensive. Not only that, but they take up storage space. So I decided to make pillow covers that I can swap out from season to season. No more storing big fluffy pillows! Now I can just swap out the covers and fold and put away the ones that aren’t being used. Why didn’t I think of this sooner?  If you want to jump on the bandwagon … here’s how to make pillows in just minutes.

How to Make Pillows in Minutes

I’m providing a tutorial you can read, but there’s also a video I found at the end of this post with instructions.


How to Make Pillows in Just Minutes. And the best part? No zippers!Can you tell which pillows are handmade? I mixed the new ones I made in with store bought ones I already have. I love picking out fabrics at the store, especially when I can mix and match the colors and patterns.


DIY Vintage Style Pillows I chose 3 fabrics and made 2 of each, for a total of 6 pillows covers. I made them envelope style so you can remove the pillow forms and wash the covers, or put new covers on the forms. I chose the middle fabric first … Love It!  Then I chose the black ticking fabric and finally the pale green polka dot fabric.  You might remember that polka dot fabric from the time I made my vintage style pillow cases for the bed.


How to Make Pillows in MinutesTo make your pillows, first measure your pillow form. Cut a square of fabric the same size as your pillow. You don’t need to add extra inches for the seams. Pillow covers look best when the pillow form completely fills the fabric. For the second piece of fabric (which is the back of the pillow), add 4 inches in length. So if you’re making a 16″ pillow cover, one square of fabric is 16″ and the second piece of fabric is 16 x 20″.  The extra 4 inches creates the envelope area in the back where you can remove the pillow form.


How to Make Pillows in MinutesCut the longer piece of fabric (the back of the pillow) in half. So for your 20″ length of fabric, you’ll cut it at the 11″ mark so you now have 2 pieces of fabric for the back that are 16″ x 11″.  Iron over about one-half inch edge of the 16″ length side, and then sew it (you’re creating a hem).  Take your square piece of fabric (the pillow front) and place it right side up. Take the 2 smaller pieces and place them right side down on top of the first piece, allowing the hemmed edges to overlap (see video at the end of this post if you need visual instructions).


How to Make Pillows in MinutesIf you’re adding lace or any type of trim, you can line it up with the straight edge in line with the edge of your fabric. Pin the layers of material together before sewing, to ensure everything stays in place.


How to Make Pillows in MinutesThen sew around the parameter of the entire pillow. Cut the corners at an angle and then turn the pillow cover inside out.


How to Make Pillows in MinutesThis is the front of the pillow (I didn’t realize it was upside down until after I took the photo, but you get the idea). Take your pillow form and stuff it through the envelope opening in the back of the pillow and you’re done!


DIY Vintage Style Pillows. So easy to make!You can see how the pillow form really fills out the cover when you cut your fabric to the same size as the pillow form. I like nice, plump pillows.


DIY Vintage Style Pillows. So easy to make!Now you know how to make pillows in just minutes. Not only are these super easy, but they’re a fraction of the cost of pillows from the store. An added bonus is the fact that you can customize your own pillows … there’s no end to what you can create!

If you need more visual instruction, check out this video I found that takes you through the process:


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  1. I in the same boat as you. I discovered I had about 50 pillows and they sure do take up the space. I’ve also been downsizing and only purchasing or making pillow covers. I normally get them from Pottery Barn when on clearance but sometimes I still need to hit the fabric store for something new. Your new look is fantastic 🙂