Colors of Summer, Inside and Out: Style Showcase #136

I’m a summer girl through and through. The smells of fresh cut grass, flowers in the garden, and the colors of summer brought into the house with windows open – all of it feeds my soul. Today’s Style Showcase includes summer colors in the home, along with my inspiration featuring garden swings. Enjoy!

The Style Showcase logo 2022


Southern Hospitality | How to Wallpaper Above Wainscot


Town & Country Living | Garden Swing Ideas


Worthing Court | How To Figure Out Your Design Style


Shabbyfufu | How To Force Peonies To Open & Bloom Quickly

Shabbyfufu - peonies



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  1. Well, how do I say this? I do appreciate all the older ideas, posts from pre-covid. They give me so much inspiration, so please do keep them coming. But not really relevant to me today, 6/1/22. Prices, availability, etc.
    How about more on how to create, recreate, certain looks, now?

  2. Prior to covid I enjoyed a minimalist, neutral colored palate. But now I find myself craving rich colors and more of a cozy vibe. I am over the white and grey.