Garden Swing Ideas for Summer Enjoyment

Who can resist a garden swing on a gorgeous summer day? I know I can’t. Swinging under a big shady tree is a great way to cool off, and I’ll bet you’ve got the perfect spot in your yard to enjoy this simple pleasure. Here’s a few outdoor swing ideas that are perfect for adults and kids alike. (This post contains affiliate links.)

White macrame swing hanging in the garden

I simply adore the white macrame swing above. Its ethnic, Boho chic style is perfect for summer and looks so comfy, too.

Here’s an idea for making use of large branches that fall on your property. This rustic log swing sits at the end of a garden path in a quiet, secluded spot. Perfect for catching up on a little summer reading.

Rustic Wood Swing at End of Garden Path


A porch is an ideal spot for a little summer swinging. You can sit out here during a gentle rain and not get wet. If the porch swing is large enough, you could even catch a nap while you’re at it.

vintage swing and Turquoise blue green pillow in the park


A pergola swing finds its spot nestled among palm trees and tropical plants. A few cushions help to soften the wooden seat. You can add more shade by growing a vine over the pergola.

Classic outdoor wooden swing in the green garden with pillows


You’ve probably seen freestanding encase swings like this at outdoor patio furniture stores. I’m considering something like this to place by our pond.

Free standing garden swing for porch or deck


Here’s another rustic, custom garden swing located in a tropical space. You can rest assured that solid wood will last for years to come.

Wood Swing in a Tropical Garden


How romantic is this circle swing? It’d be great for a bridal photography session. How about including something like this at a wedding reception for guests to use?

Hanging vintage wooden swing decorated with flowers


Of course, you can’t talk about summer swings without talking about an old-fashioned tire swing. I wish our big trees had horizontal branches so I could add one of these to the yard. The house and property are a public farm called Primrose Farm in St. Charles, Illinois. Kids can learn about farm life and pet the cows and other critters.

Tire Swing at Primrose Farm House


Do you have a garden swing in your yard?


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  1. I love a swing, you can set in it and forget the problems of the day, just swing and dream!

  2. Hi Jennifer! You can’t imagine the number of hours we spend rocking and swinging in our super comfy egg chairs out on our patio. We absolutely love them. You do have to make sure they are very stable on a flat surface or they can tip and fall over, as we have experienced a couple times. Sandbags on the base have solved that problem. Not the most beautiful solution though. If you have a tree to hang them from, that’s a good solution too. The cushions shown on the picture you have are one piece, except for the head piece, so they are really easy to pull off and take inside daily to keep out of possible rain. Go for it…you’ll love it.