Cozy Up Your Bedroom with Pretty Plaid Bedding

Fall is a great time to transition your bedroom form a light and airy summer look to a warmer, cozy vibe for the cold months ahead. You’ll find so many bedding options that it’s often hard to choose something, but I always think plaid bedding is perfect for adding warmth and depth to a room.

country neutral plaid and patterned bedroomPhoto by Slifer Designs


If you like mixing patterns, plaid can be a smart choice. This blue bedroom has at least seven different patterns, not including the stripes on the wall. For some, this might be too much pattern, but others might enjoy the look. It works because the patterns are varying shades of the same color. Plus you have a solid blue quilt on the bed to ground the space.

blue bedroom in mix of plaid patternsPhoto by Jackson & LeRoy


Plaid bedding works well with a variety of prints, from circles on the area rug to florals in the form of pillows. 

4-poster bed in country style bedroomPhoto by Westbrook Interiors


Red plaid is a great choice for Christmas but can be used throughout the winter season and even into summer, if desired. If you’re a bit timid about mixing patterns, use a few pieces of bedding that come in solid colors.

red and white country style bedroomPhoto by Lisa Michael Interiors


In this traditional bedroom, a plaid settee nestles at the foot of a beautiful metal bed with a creamy comforter and fun dragonfly pillow.

4-poster metal bed in traditional bedroomPhoto by


If you don’t want to spend money on a new quilt or comforter, use a plaid coverlet or blanket to add pattern and cozy warmth to your bedroom. A throw quickly and easily refreshes the room without a lot of work or money.

Plaid woolen coverlet on country style bedPhoto by Philip Gorrivan Design


Matching double beds feature the same plaid pillow shams, but the blankets at the foot of the beds are slightly different. Don’t be afraid to mix and match plaid patterns. This look works because the size of the plaid in the blankets is the same.

camp style bedroom with twin bedsPhoto by Liederbach & Graham, Architects LLP


Soft colors hint at a plaid pattern in the bedding of this beautiful bedroom with its green walls and white shiplap ceiling.

traditional bedroom with green wallsPhoto by Susan Dario


You can’t go wrong when adding plaid bedding to a cabin bedroom. This room makes me want to curl up for a long winter’s nap when the snow and wind are howling outside.

rustic southwest style cabin bedroomPhoto by


Here’s another example of two beds featuring different bedspreads. The saturation of blue is the same in both pieces so you might not even notice at first that the patterns are different.

blue country bedroom with twin bedsPhoto by Hendricks Churchill


I think my favorite bedrooms in this collection are the first and third photos. Do you have a favorite?


Shop for Plaid Bedding:

Here’s a round-up of plaid bedding options to consider if you’re looking to freshen your room for the fall and winter season. Click on each photo for information on where to buy:



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  1. Just lovely examples! I never like mixing prints, until I started quilting. You definitely leave to enjoy the.mix.
    Being a red gal. I have an investment in red buffalo check, plaid and solid reds for bedding. I try to change but red makes me feel good when I look at it. I add some green poinsettia pillows and throws for Christmas and blues from Memorial to Labor day.
    The addition to all reds this time of year is a large, black witches hat at the foot of the bed. The Christmas Red will get me to Valentines when we will add and enjoy hearts. Thanks for your post.

  2. I just ordered a blue plaid throw pillow to warm up our entry. The first photo is too much plaid for my taste though. I want that blue plaid setee! I think I liked that room and the one with a bit of red the best.
    I’ve always wanted to do a kids room with 2 twin beds and have matching plaid bedding on them.

  3. Love plaid and as the weather cools I use it more in the decor of my home and also in what I wear. I am saying this as someone who wore a plaid skirt as part of a school uniform. Plaid/ tartan to me is comfort and classic.

  4. Another fine group of photos. I love the room with the plaid settee and the twin beds in blue are fabulous. Not a huge plaid person, but still enjoy it for others.

  5. Good Morning Jennifer! Wonderful assortment of photos with fabulous ideas. I never would have thought of painting bead board red! Well Done My Friend!

  6. I like 3 or 8, they all are so pretty. I have a blue plaid on my bed for summer but have solid white pick stich quilt for cooler weather. I enjoyed seeing all of them, thanks.

  7. Although I love the first bedroom, from the wallpaper to the rug, I am a blue girl at heart. Love the blue/grey settee and all the blues, mixed or matched that follow. I have blue in some form or another running all through my house. It just makes me feel good, like blue skies or water views. And who doesn’t like a clear blue-sky day on the water? Great ideas and inspiration in this post, once again. Thanks, Jennifer!