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Creating a Cozy Home

Old Man Winter is out in full force and most of us are huddled in our homes trying to keep cozy. I try not to make my winter decor too heavy. Instead, I like to use candles and a snuggly throw or two.

Creating a Cozy Home at Town and Country LivingThe first thing that comes to mind when creating a cozy home is to add blankets and pillows.

Lots of fluffy things to keep you warm on a cold winter’s day!


Cozy Home Decor at Town and Country LivingAt my desk, a chenille throw adds softness and provides warmth if a draft comes through the door.

But more important to me than a knitted throw is plenty of natural light!


Landscape Burlap Curtain Swags via Town and Country LivingThe days are short so I try and capture as much daylight as I can. For me, the warmth of the sun is the best way of creating a cozy home. If you look at Scandinavian interiors, the color palette has lots of white to combat the long hours of darkness. In Stockholm, there’s only an average 6 hours of daylight in January. Go slightly further north and the days are even shorter!


Glass and mirrors vignette at Town and Country LivingTo help bounce the light around, I use lots of mirrors in my house.

The butterfly prints remind me that spring is on the way!


Vintage aqua bottles paired with vintage booksCozy textures like a barn wood shelf and well-worn vintage books keep the decor from feeling cold.

The aqua bottles add the slightest shade of blue – similar to the hue seen in drifts of snow.


White vintage mirror via Town and Country LivingA small white vintage mirror is layered with a larger gray mirror.

If you can layer blankets, why not layer mirrors?


Mirror and glass vignette at Town and Country LivingThe reflection in the mirror shows all the light I’m trying to capture during the winter months.

What better way for creating a cozy home than enjoying the warmth of natural sunlight?


Mercury glass vignette at Town and Country LivingShiny surfaces help reflect the light on gray days.

A twine bow and a twig of greenery softens this vignette.


Creating a Cozy Home at Town and Country LivingIn the dining room beyond, a trio of white candles creates a cozy glow.


Mason jar candles with raffia and twine bowsIn the adjoining living room, I added more candles tucked in mason jars. Wine corks add texture.

It goes without saying, of course, that a smooth glass of wine always helps in making you feel cozy!


Mason jar votive candles at Town and Country LivingThe jars are filled with Epsom salt to resemble snow. They’re leftover Christmas decorations.

I swapped out the tinsel garland bows for twine and raffia to create a more natural look.


Mercury candles paired with aqua bottles and vintage booksMore candles, aqua bottles, and worn vintage books. My home has a lot of Scandinavian influence within its walls. For me, Scandinavian style magically captures the light despite the short winter days.


Creating a Cozy Home at Town and Country LivingI’ve tried to capture this same natural light in creating a cozy home so it doesn’t feel so dreary.

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  1. I love your ideas for creating a light decor to counter gray days of winter. Your use of mirrors in just the right places always catch my eye because I love using them everywhere. Jennifer, you have a real knack of creating a serene, warm, and inviting home, and I can sense a sweet spirit throughout as well.
    Mary Alice

  2. Everything looks so cozy and comfy! I love your colors and textures, I know this time of year is hard and I have added some things back after Christmas that I had out in the Summer just to help get through these next couple of COLD and cloudy months. Thanks for sharing, have a great week.

  3. The light in your home is just glorious, Jennifer! It does look all warm and cozy. Love the little splashes of color you add for interest and texture. 🙂 I have layered mirrors in the guest room, too, because that room is so tiny, It really does add alot of light and brightness to a space.

    Counting the days til spring….!!!

    xoox laurie

  4. Just beautiful, Jennifer! You’ve done a masterful job of layering textures and adding more light to your home. The neutrals are so pretty with the pops of blue that you added. I enjoyed partying with you at the Cozy Home Tour this week!

  5. The mother in me wants to warn you about something that seems very safe but can be quite disasterous. The twine on your candle jars can catch fire, same with doilies mod lodged onto Mason jars. Please be careful. A candle in a jar seems so safe but when you start adding decorations it’s amazing how hot a jar can get. Love your style.

  6. Whatever you do to your gorgeous home, it always looks cozy and welcoming! I adore your textured throws and twine candles and all the corks along with them. Every time I visit I leave smiling… today a warm and cozy smile!

  7. I love the entire look it is very similar to my own. I am wondering what kind of fabric you have draped above that single window, is it burlap? I love that look and I wold love to try it.

  8. Jennifer your home is just so, so lovely! It’s incredibly warm and cozy and you have so many beautiful details in this space. So happy to be part of the tour with you this week!

  9. Jennifer – I’m just now catching up on the tour – so far, your cozy home is my favorite! I love how bright your rooms are – thanks for sharing the tip about the mirrors. I’ve been concerned about having more than one mirror in a room, but not any more after seeing how using different sizes, shapes, textures are perfect spaced out in a room and the light factor is obvious!

  10. Your home is just amazing!! I feel like I could just cuddle up and read a book or have a nice chat with you☺ I agree that sunshine has SO much to do with the feeling in your home, and yours is lucky to have a lot! Thanks for your beautiful inspiration.

  11. Jennifer I never tire of seeing your home. So cozy and warm during these tough months. Your rooms are so bright with the sun streaming in. I am playing catch up with email.


  12. In all the times I have visited your blog I never noticed the burlap window treatments in your living room. I love them. Your home is just so inviting and yes…cozy!

  13. I love this! Every room. I do have a question – I would love to create a burlap curtain like yours. Any advice on how to do so? Looks like our windows are about the same exact size. Did you just buy burlap or faux burlap? If so what should size?