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DIY Paper Birdhouses

When I hit a home decorating creative block, I have a few sources I turn to for inspiration. Pinterest is one of them! The other day I was searching for spring crafts and came upon the cutest birdhouses made out of scrapbook paper. I’ve always loved paper crafts and thought these DIY paper birdhouses would be a fun one to try! Here’s my version of them …

DIY Paper Birdhouses. See how easy it is to make these charming little houses to add to your spring decor!These were super easy to make and they add a fun splash of color!


Paper Birdhouse Tutorial. Simply cut, fold, and glue scrapbook paper into these charming little birdhouses.I always have a stash of scrapbook paper lying around so I just used what I had on hand for this project. It only took me a couple minutes to make each paper birdhouse.


DIY Paper Birdhouse made with scrapbook paper and mini pom pom trim. See how easy it is to make!I also had this mini pom pom trim that I added to a couple of the birdhouses.

Let me show you how easy these are to make!


Template for making paper birdhouses.My Pinterest inspiration photo led to the website where you can download this template for making your own paper birdhouses. I printed out 3 different sizes, but only ended up using the 2 smaller ones because I didn’t have paper large enough for the big one.


How to make paper birdhouses using scrapbook paper and decorative trim.Cut out the template and trace it onto your decorative paper. Cut out the birdhouse and fold inward along the blue lines. The template shows you where to place your glue, but it’s pretty self-explanatory. I used a hot glue gun so I wouldn’t have to wait for the glue to dry.


How to make paper birdhouses using scrapbook paper and decorative trim.I then cut a rectangle of contrasting paper large enough to create the roof of the birdhouse. I hot glued the mini pom pom trim to the edge of the roof and glued the roof onto the house.


DIY Paper BirdhouseAdd a couple of eggs and you have the makings of a spring vignette.


DIY Paper Birdhouses. Do you like the pink or the blue better?


How to make paper birdhouses from decorative scrapbook paper.You know, I’ve wanted to make glitter houses at Christmas for 2 years now and I’ve yet to do it. But these DIY paper birdhouses have given me the confidence to start making a collection of the popular putz houses.


How to make paper birdhouses from decorative scrapbook paper.Let me know if you decide to try making these easy DIY paper birdhouses!


Clever Crafts Flipboard MagazineIf you’re in need of more crafting inspiration for the home, check out my free Clever Crafts Flipboard magazine. Flipboard is basically a bookmarking tool that is rendered into an appealing online magazine format. That means I didn’t have to do any graphics layout! Hope you enjoy the mag!! You may even see one of your projects in there!

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  1. Jennifer, I just love all your paper crafts and your ideas. I will be making these birdhouses for sure. I also want to try out your magazine. Sounds like fun!
    I hope you’ll keep watching my blog this week. I have a fun surprise on Thursday!

  2. Jennifer, they are so cute. I think I’m partial to the blue one…I love those pom-poms! I love reading your blog and seeing what you are up to! Sue