My Farmhouse Style Fall Hutch

My love for fall decor is so intense that I need about three Octobers every year. One month of October just isn’t enough to soak in all the autumn beauty both in and outside the home. Today I spent a little bit of time clipping branches from my Maple trees to create a Farmhouse Style Fall Hutch.

Farmhouse Fall Hutch at Town and Country LivingWhite ironstone, gourds, and Maple leaves come together to add a punch of Fall to our dining room hutch.


White ironstone and pumpkins in a Farmhouse Fall Hutch via Town and Country LivingSlowly but surely I’ve been building up my collection of white ironstone to display in the kitchen and dining room. A grapevine wrapped pumpkin takes center stage in the hutch.


White ironstone decorated for Fall via Town and Country LivingMy favorite shape of white ironstone pitcher is this simple one. I have several in different sizes.


Small gourds paired with white ironstone in a farmhouse Fall hutchAnd now that Fall has officially arrived, I’ve been collecting small gourds and Baby Boo pumpkins.


Farmhouse Fall Hutch via Town and Country LivingTo arrange my farmhouse style Fall hutch, I simply interspersed gourds and leaves with the white ironstone.


White ironstone and autumn gourds via Town and Country LivingSpaghetti squash grown in our garden look like white pumpkins.


Farmhouse Fall Hutch via Town and Country LivingAs I was arranging my farmhouse style Fall hutch I told my hubby that I needed more white ironstone platters. I like when a bunch of them are stacked together and decided I could use a few more for visual impact.


White ironstone in a farmhouse Fall hutch via Town and Country LivingVegetable tureens are also on my white ironstone wish list. I plan to serve side dishes in them at Thanksgiving.


Fall hutch with white ironstone and gourds via Town and Country LivingThe paper fan garland I made recently is now strewn across the top of the dining hutch.


Chicken wire replaces glass in Farmhouse Fall HutchA branch of Maple leaves gets tucked into the chicken wire that replaced the glass in the doors.


Farmhouse hutch decorated for Fall via Town and Country LivingBranches of Maple leaves also get stuffed into a primitive basket atop the hutch.


Town and Country's Farmhouse Fall HutchWhen it comes to fall decorating, it’s sometimes hard to stop. I love the colors and coziness of the season.


Vintage aqua bottle dressed for Fall via Town and Country LivingBefore I go, I have to share my latest acquisition, which is the tall vintage aqua bottle on the right. A new consignment store opened in the next town over and I found this graceful beauty for just $5. They had a lot of unique goodies so I’ll be going back for more.


Farmhouse Hutch decorated for Fall at Town and Country LivingSince my farmhouse style Fall hutch is decorated in neutral tones and natural elements, the decor easily lasts through Thanksgiving. But for now, I’m focusing on the beauty of Autumn and wish it could last longer.

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  1. Oh, that’s so beautiful! Love the colors. I only have the white pitchers. I need to start watching for the bowls and tureens. Not that I have extra room or anything. I think stems and leaves are just stunning in simple bottles. That’s a pretty one you found.

  2. Oh, how pretty is that! That is full of beautiful things and I am in love with the covered dish. I like to see leaves inside to decorate. Deb

  3. Fall is my absolute favorite time of year. Your hutch looks wonderful. I have inadvertently started an ironstone creamer/pitcher collection. There is just something about that soft white/creamy finish, isn’t there? Have a great week!

  4. Can I ask what new shop? My faves are Lavish and Primative Chick. Glad to hear there is a new shop near by!

  5. I could not agree more about needing MORE Octobers. And your hutch could not look better. I love the yellows and greens with the white, really beautiful.

  6. I agree! One October isn’t enough! It’s the prettiest month. 🙂 Let’s take it up at the next board meeting, shall we?

    Thanks for sharing such a pretty and restful transition.

  7. Oh yes I too agree there is no better month than October…your vignettes are quite stunning and I feel inspired after visiting you! All the best,Chrissy