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Favorite Valentine Gifts and Décor

Valentine’s Day is such a fun. laid back holiday. Gifts are much simpler than other holidays, and how can you argue with a day that revolves around chocolate and flowers? I’ve gathered some of my favorite Valentine gifts and décor and have already ordered something for hubby. If you’re ordering online, be sure to do it soon to ensure shipment by Cupid’s special day. (This post contains affiliate links – see my privacy policy.)
First up is a pretty collection of watercolor hearts from Pottery Barn. In addition to the mugs and plates, you also find watercolor heart napkins and an apron set.

Watercolor Heart Dishes for Valentine Gifts

Watercolor Heart Mugs / Watercolor Heart Plates / Pink Linen Napkins / Photo courtesy of Pottery Barn

You know, I’ve always wanted to make Linzer cookies and never have. This kit might be just the ticket to making that happen sooner, rather than later. It comes with everything needed except for the eggs and butter!

Linzer heart cookie-making kit

Linzer Heart Cookie Making Kit / Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

This collection of red heart tableware is so charming. It’s simple enough that you can use it any time of year.

Red Heart Mugs and Plates from Williams Sonoma

Heart Mug / Heart Salad Plate / Heart Appetizer Plate / Heart Bowl / Heart Platter / Red Linen Napkins / Photo courtesy of Williams Sonoma

Are there any tea drinkers in the crowd? I love these heart-shaped tea bags. A few years ago I shared how to make your own flavored tea bags. It was a fun and easy project that you might want to try yourself.

Heart shaped tea bags

Heart-Shaped Tea Bags / Photo by Uncommon Goods

I normally don’t spend a lot of money on Valentine’s Day, so I was happy to find several Valentine gift and décor items that don’t break the bank.

Valentine Gifts and Décor

1. Heart Apron Set / 2. Box of Chocolates / 3. Leather Heart Boxes / 4. Watercolor Heart Mug / 5. Heart Baking Dish / 6. Heart Spoon / 7 and 8. Faux Peony Bundles / 9. Red Heart Mug / 10. Heart Napkins / 11. Heart Waffle Maker / 12. Heart Cookie Platter / 13. Heart Mugs / 14. Heart Pillows

And here’s a few more options for your Valentine gift and décor shopping list!

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  1. Ah-Valentines Day! Adore it. I have those little red heart plates from pottery Barn, as well as another set of valentines plates…heart shaped spoons, waffle iron, front door wreath, lots of valentines decor. It’s such a cheerful holiday and not as much hoopla as Christmas. I am keeping the flocked tree up in the living room , loving the lights, and hanging handmade blush ceramic hearts, black and white gingham hearts and some similar valentines ornaments. Hubby has a daily chocolate habit, so gifts for him are easy. Did you bring valentines to grade school? It was eliminated at some point, but in the fifties we had a little party and passed out those cute little vintage valentines. So fun.