Friday Finds #26: It’s Christmas Season!!

Now that Thanksgiving is over we can officially say it’s Christmas season! Not only that but today is the 26th installment of Friday Finds which means I’ve been doing this series for half-a-year. Really? Seems like I just started this serious a couple months ago.

Christmas Tree in Macy's Walnut Room - Chicago on State

The spectacular tree above is from Macy’s Chicago store and it holds a special place in my heart. Last year I took my granddaughter Zoe on a weekend Airbnb Christmas trip to Chicago and made sure we got a view of their amazing tree in their Walnut Room restaurant.

I can relate to Kevin in the Home Alone movies. For him, Christmas is all about the tree. I’m much the same way. The Christmas tree holds something magical in its branches. Maybe it’s hope. Hope for the New Year. Hope that as long as we celebrate Christ’s birth the world will be okay. Messy and chaotic maybe – but still okay.

I’m so anxious to share my Christmas trees with you this year. Although I always feel like my photos don’t do it justice. I decorated two trees this year. My first Christmas home tour is next Friday, so I’ll skip a week of Friday Finds. My second tour is the following Tuesday. I hope you’ll join me for both!

And now, for this week’s Friday Finds!

Speaking of Christmas trees, Courtney at French Country Cottage always creates the most breathtaking holiday trees I’ve ever seen! See her recent vintage pink and gold tree and then explore her site for more inspiration.

Who loves paper crafting? Anyone? The Centsational Girl shares some fabulous DIY Christmas decor you can make with paper. I think her poinsettia is especially beautiful.

Enjoy a tour of this charming Finnish red cabin that was purchased as a country retreat by the owners who live in Helsinki. You’ll find Finnish antiques and beautiful details throughout.

Looking for a classic Christmas dessert that looks impressive but is super easy to make? Check out my Christmas trifle with mixed berries.

And now for something non-holiday related! Does anyone watch Home Town on HGTV? It’s similar to Fixer Upper but the hosts are Ben and Erin and they remodel homes in Laurel, Mississippi. Truth be told, I like Erin’s decorating style more than Joanna’s but they’re both extremely talented. Home Town was just renewed for another season in 2021. You can learn more about the show right here.

Enjoy the rest of your Thanksgiving weekend! And stay safe out there!

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  1. Home Town renewed?! Yes!!! I enjoy Erin’s design’s and the feel of the show. I’d move to Mississippi just to have them make me a cozy home with brick in my kitchen but it’s too steamy humid there but maybe a visit? Ben’s skills are outstanding as well. He’s so cute too! A great dad! Lol. Love it! Can’t wait to see your holiday decorations Jennifer. Hope your Thanksgiving was a good one.

  2. I haven’t seen Home Town, but I will definitely check it out. Can’t wait for your Home Tours. Have a great and safe weekend.

  3. I love Home Town. Used to like Fixer Upper but it seems like the same styling over and over. Home Town and Good Bones are my favorite HGTV shows.

  4. Yes i have seen Home town and i do enjoy watching it. Thanks for all the ideas and hope your weekend is exciting, I just remembered did they even let you in to see the baby, this mess !!! Hope you have a nice weekend anyway.

  5. Home Town is my fav HG show !!! Love their style and their attitude. I enjoy every aspect of their show, they are so talented and loving, it shows in how they treat their clients and work mates……love the guy who finishes the hardwood floors…..Mike ?? Happy Holidays to you…..