Kane County Flea Market Finds ~ April 2014

Our local Kane County Flea Market is touted by USA Today as one of the 10 top places to shop for antiques, and I have to agree. It’s a pretty big flea market and it’s always a highlight for me each month. As with any shopping spree, some outings are more productive than others.  In March, there weren’t a lot of vendors and I didn’t find much of anything, but April was better and I found some good flea market finds this past weekend for decent prices!

Kane County Flea Market FindsI had no intention of buying any furniture at the market, but I saw this cute little dresser at the back of one of the outdoor booths and had to get a closer look.  I don’t know about you, but when I see something at the flea market, or any store for that matter, I have an idea of what I’m willing to pay for it before I even look at the price tag.


Shabby white dresser flea market findsI figured this piece would be marked for more than what I’d want to spend. I was thinking it’d probably be $100 or slightly more, at which point I’d walk away. But the tag said $60! I then tried telling myself I had no place to put it. But just to be on the safe side, I’d offer the guy $50 thinking he’d say no (secretly hoping he’d say yes). He quickly agreed and at that point I knew exactly where it was going! Do you ever do that?


Vintage flea market crocksThe next thing I found was the crock on the right. The number 2 and the leaves captured my eye so I went in for a closer look, thinking that of course it would be way more than I wanted to spend. Crocks like this typically go for $50 and up in our area … even if they’re chipped like this one. The tag said $30 and I hemmed and hawed. It was early into our trip and I didn’t want to spend all my money right away (I always have a set budget so I don’t get in trouble).


Vintage crock from the Kane County Flea MarketI picked it up to inspect it a little closer, at which point the vendor wandered over. I asked if she’d go any lower and she offered to sell it for $25. Sold! I’ve been wanting some of these crocks but I’m a bargain hunter so the price has to be right. And wouldn’t you know, right around the corner at another vendor’s booth I spied another crock with the number 3 on it.


Vintage crock - flea market findsThis crock had no price tag … usually a bad sign. I always feel like the vendor eyes you when you’re looking at an unmarked piece strategizing how much they can get out of you. This particular vendor was outgoing so I asked “how much” and he said “5 bucks.” I blurted, “Really???” Which I probably shouldn’t have done in case he changed his mind and decided to charge more. He confided, “Well, it’s dirty and it’s got that wire around it so I’m only asking 5 for it.” Bless his heart. I love the wire around it! And I don’t mind cleaning it either.


Vintage bottle flea market findsHe was also selling these cute bottles for a dollar each so I bought them at full price.


Vintage enamelware cake panHe also sold me this piece of vintage enamelware for $7. He had a great collection of this stuff!


Hyacinths and Grape HyacinthsA few of the vendors at the Kane County Flea Market sell live goods.

I grabbed a few hyacinths and grape hyacinths.


Hyacinths and Grape HyacinthsYou can see that the grape hyacinths are coming up already.


Wedgewood white ironstone pitcherFinally, my last hurrah was this Wedgewood white ironstone pitcher. It was the end of the spree and I was tired. I almost passed this one up because at that point I just wanted to go home (shopping is exhausting!).  But the tag said $25 and it’s a decent size pitcher. I must’ve looked forlorn when I turned around and offered the lady $20 because she didn’t have to think twice about it.


Flea market finds at the Kane County Flea MarketI know that ironstone pitcher would’ve been one of those aching regrets you later wish you would’ve brought home. It has a slight crack in it but I don’t care. I like the shape and I love that it’s Wedgewood. I’ve always adored everything they make.


Collection of flea market finds on displayHere are my vintage flea market finds all on display. I know I sometimes pay too much for some items, but I really do try to shop with a budget in mind. I’m not typically one to pay top dollar for anything. I have guilt issues.  For me, a few flea market finds are my reward for working hard throughout the week. Plus, it’s a form of therapy.  My total haul was $135, which I think is reasonable and probably less than most people spend. I always love the thrill of the hunt!


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  1. I love those crocks and especially the rusty wire one. Poor fellow hasn’t a clue. They are sometimes over $100 here.

  2. I would of bought that dresser in a heartbeat! I love Kane county but haven’t been since I was sick last year Maybe one day we could meet there and say hi! Really great finds . I want that enamelware tray, so when you tired of it!

  3. OMG you hit the jackpot. I have that same dresser in the bunk house it holds the gaming unit for the tv above it on the wall. Great price for the crock and enamelware. I have the large dipper in the same enamelware color and it my favorite. You did good!

  4. Love everything you found! I think you got really good deals Jennifer! The dresser is perfect sitting by the stairs. You can do so much with the crocks. The enamelware and pitcher, well of course you had to bring them home 🙂

  5. I love all those pieces, well done for sure!!! I know around here they want top dollar most of the time but I did find a local lady who sells stuff from her home and she is fairly priced. I love the old crocks as well, thanks for sharing and have a great day. 🙂

  6. Wow, you did very well, Jennifer! I love all the things you came home with. That dresser is great and the perfect place to display your other new finds, too. I don’t mind cracked pitchers either. If they are ones that I’d like to fill with fresh flowers I just use a glass that fits inside it and put my water and flowers in the glass {unless I’m using faux flowers}.

  7. Okay, now that was some day at the market! Surprising, too, because generally at the start of the season, dealers don’t typically want to be as flexible as yours seemed to be. You have an entirely new vignette, with storage to boot! Awesome!

  8. Wow you made a killing!!! I love all your finds! And such deals. I need to start going again. I started avoiding the larger markets like Kane County and Sandwich markets. The prices just put me off. Looks like I need to re-think my thinking.

  9. Okay, I’m drooling here at your fabulous finds, Jennifer!!! That little chest of drawers has the cutest lines and legs, and what a steal! Oh my goodness, those crocks are so wonderful as is the lovely ironstone pitcher!! Amazing prices…I would have grabbed all of your goodies without thinking twice!
    Mary Alice

  10. Wonderful finds indeed! I absolutely love the crock with the 3 on it and can’t believe that price! The way you have everything displayed looks absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing and for all of the inspiration! ~Megan

  11. So I have been following your blog for a little while now and never realized, until this post, that you are local! Small world! I currently live in Chicago for my husband’s job at DePaul, but I grew up in Geneva. My parents and sister still live in town, so I am out in the burbs pretty often.

  12. Jennifer you got GREAT stuff at very reasonable prices! I’m so jealous of the crock with the 3 – I love that and it’s one of the numbers I buy – I have 3 girls 🙂 Great find there! Loving that dresser too – and that price is just phenomenal!
    I’m so ready to get out and go shopping!

  13. Your little dresser is so cute and I bet you could use it a lot of different places ~ I love versatile pieces of furniture like that. I think you did really great on the prices too!

  14. I’m so jealous!!! I moved out of state due to a job offer for my husband! I used to love going there. Only a mere 30 minutes from where I used to live. I still have many of my flea market finds from Kane county. There is simply nothing to compare to Kane County flea market in south Florida! I so miss it and will live vicariously through you and your trips!

  15. You’re my kind of shopper! Love everything and what bargains! You did real good!!! I think I may have to go to the flea this weekend!

  16. What a great deal on all your finds. I especially love that dresser in all it’s glory. And the entryway is the best place for it. I usually buy and don’t have a clue where it will, that usually happens with chairs. I have a serious addiction to buying well priced chairs.

  17. Boy, did you luck out! We don’t have a flea market in our area but we do live a short distance from a ‘salvation army’ type store and I’m in there once or twice each week looking for good buys. I’ve been looking for a dresser or chest I could remake for additional storage in our master bathroom but haven’t come across anything lately. I did get a great desk chair that matches our farmhouse style office priced at $12.00. My plan was to recover the seat and back cushion, but when I got it home it look so fantastic in our office, all I did was to clean the upholstery and push the chair in place. The wood tones match our desk perfectly and the cleaned upholstery just seems to fit the space so I didn’t have to redo it. Fun getting lucky once in a while and walk out with a bargain. With my Tuesday discount, the chair, tax and all, cost me $11.45.

  18. A great topic that never gets old! It was fun looking at your “old” decor style. I see you had a windsor chair. Do you still have it? Are you still thinking about using them for dining chairs? I had two (one looked just like the one in this post) and just recently sold them. Even after 6 1/2 years, I am still letting things go from our downsize. It’s hard, especially letting go of “great finds” that bring back great bargaining memories.