Outdoor Oasis: Transform Your Backyard with Stylish Patios

Summer is my season! I love the energy of the earth buzzing with blooms and the activity of nature. Everything feels so alive and vibrant. It’s this dynamic spirit that motivates me to continually work on our yard and garden spaces. I’m all about an outdoor oasis and a stylish patio or deck is the cornerstone of outdoor living. So today I’m sharing a collection of patios to inspire you to create your own little “peace” of paradise.

Modern back patio - garden and backyard


When creating an outdoor oasis, it’s important to put your own style into it, just like you do with the interior spaces in your home. It’s easy to just put out some patio furniture and call it a day, but think about how you can take it a step further by personalizing it. For me, that means flowers, flowers, and more flowers! Flowers are the perfect way to add color, texture, and fragrance.

Floral arch by patio - outdoor oasis


cozy backyard patio with flowers


One thing I love to do in the yard is to create zones, which is fun to do. One space is the vegetable garden, another is a shade garden with a seating area. And then there’s a cut flower garden. There’s the front porch with the nearby fern garden, and the backyard is the garden koi pond with a deck. All this to say that you can create more than one patio or seating area in your yard.

small outdoor patio


It’s fun to have different outdoor spaces for a little rest and relaxation. Most people don’t like to sit in the hot sun on a summer’s day, so think about areas in the yard that get shade at different times of the day. Create small patios or gathering spaces so that you can be in the shade throughout the day in different parts of the yard. If your landscape doesn’t have much shade, create some with a gazebo or some type of pavilion.

Outdoor oasis with gazebo patio


If your yard has a slope, you can create levels. Also consider the type of hardscaping you choose for your patio. There are so many great options available. Pavers can be expensive but less expensive applications could be used, like crushed gravel or even mulch.

Small garden with cozy patio


Consider bringing your indoor style outdoors. Here, a lover of the boho chic style brought her flair to create an outdoor oasis. Outside drapery and ornate lanterns add a bit of romance.

boho chic patio


Don’t forget to think about how to enhance a patio for evening enjoyment. Strings of lights and lanterns can give plenty of ambiance and romance.

Romantic outdoor patio in the evening


Outdoor nighttime dining alfresco with string lights


Hopefully you found some ideas and inspiration for creating your own outdoor oasis this summer. Pretty spaces will draw you outside and communing with nature has so many wellness benefits.


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  1. Thanks for the beautiful outdoor spaces. Can’t wait to see some pictures of what’s going on in your little slice of heaven!