Sunrooms to Brighten Your Day

This January has been one gray day after another. My hubby’s feeling blue, I’m getting a little crabby, and we’re both craving sunshine! To lift my spirits I thought I’d share a few sunrooms to brighten your day. After admiring all of them on Houzz’ website, I found myself feeling a little better. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Collection of Inspiring Sun RoomsPhoto by Colonial Reproductions, Inc.


Cool blue bathes this cottage-style room, providing a coastal vibe in the sunroom.

Cool Blue Sun RoomPhoto by Lisa Teague Design Studios


Contrasting paint frames the windows in a traditional-style sunroom. Even puppy loves the room!

Traditional SunroomPhoto by Charleston Home + Design Mag


White sunrooms allow the sunlight to bounce around the room, creating the perfect place to grow plants. The whimsical light fixture is a fun touch!

Light and Bright Sunroomstransitional sunroom pictures


So many things stand out in this beautiful sunroom. I always love a blue bead board ceiling! The floor has a soft and pretty pattern, and beautiful shutters grace the mullioned windows. A bit of black adds a touch of sophistication.

Traditional SunroomPhoto by Peterssen/Keller Architecture


Traditional SunroomPhoto by WITHIN HOME


A piano in the sunroom?  Sure, why not?

John Peers HousePhoto by BarrJoinery


Even tiny sunrooms can be beautiful and enjoyable!

Small Balcony SunroomPhoto by Наталья Маслова


Would you like a fireplace in your sunroom?  It’d be pretty in winter, sitting in front of the fire and watching the snowflakes fall outside.

Sunroom with FireplacePhoto by McKee & Company


I hope you’ve enjoyed this round-up of sunrooms from Houzz. It cheered my spirits despite our gloomy days here in Illinois. One advantage to cloudy days in winter; it’s typically warmer. When the sun shines brightly in January, the temps are usually pretty frigid. Either way, I’m counting the days until spring.

Traditional SunroomPhoto by Group 3

Are you one of the lucky people with a sunroom in your home?

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  1. Boost to get you thru the winter – because we care.
    force some bulbs
    bring in MORE colorful plants or fresh flowers
    make a banner for spring or other handwork project
    get outside everyday if only for a few minutes
    take a walk
    give thanks, spring is coming
    plan your garden
    Remember the movie POLLYANNA? Hang some prisms in your windows with suction cups. On the days the sun does shine they will reflect on your walls. A real lifter!

  2. Love seeing all these spaces. I wish some sunshine and warmth would come to Michigan soon. It seems like it’s been a long winter already to me.

  3. Lovely spaces. I did convert the open space on the back of the house to a sun room. It is one of my favorite rooms and all of the main living areas open up to it. I don’t have the cold days like you do but it allows me to enjoy my back yard on the days that are to hot to go out.

  4. Thanks so much! I needed this; today is the first day the sun has been seen in weeks it seems. We have record snow and cold in Idaho this year!!