Brighten Your Houseplants with DIY Button Flowers

To help beat the cabin fever that has been settling in, I ran out to the store and picked up a houseplant, and I don’t know if it was the weather affecting me or what, but I thought this cute little ivy could use some color … so I made colorful button flowers to brighten it up.

DIY button flowers via Town and Country LivingNow it looks fun and festive instead of ho-hum and ordinary.

Let me tell you, these colorful button flowers are super easy to make!


Ivy HouseplantThis is what she used to look like … pretty and healthy, but nothing to write home about.


How to make button flowers via Town and Country LivingTo make the button flowers, cut a strip of 26 gauge florist wire and thread it up through one hole of stacked buttons. Bend the wire over and feed it back down the other hole.


DIY Button Flowers via Town and Country LivingPull the wire taut, and then twist it underneath the bottom button.

Simply stick the button flower’s wire stem into the pot and bend as needed.


How to make button flowers via Town and Country LivingI also dressed the pot in decorative scrapbook paper, and tied a rope bow around it.


DIY Button Flowers via Town and Country LivingYou can find colorful buttons in a craft or fabric store … or at your local thrift shop.


Button Flowers in an Ivy Houseplant via Town and Country LivingMaking button flowers is a fun and easy project and a quick way to add color in your home!


TCL Flourish

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  1. Cute as a…well, you know. 🙂
    Gracie would LOVE this!
    I think a topiary with neutral colored buttons would be so pretty by our kitchen sink. We can’t have real plants in this house. The cats think the pots are port-a-potties. *sigh*



  2. What a cute project! The only thing I can get to live is the philidendrom? It’s not that pretty so maybe some of these would spruce the plant up. Love the buttons, could really change the look by the style and color…. you got me to thinking 🙂

  3. i make button flowers all the time but always display them in vases – but have never mixed them in with plants! duh! so cool!