Halloween Decorating in a Jiffy

Since I spend so much time decorating for fall, I don't invest much energy into Halloween decorating. Although I enjoy my neighbors' outdoor decorations, my home doesn't get many spooky embellishments. I don't know about where you live, but around these parts Halloween is quickly becoming the next Christmas when it comes to decorations! In fact, in a day or two I'm gonna show you how one of my neighbors went all out! You don't want to miss it! So … [Read more...]

Autumn Decorating with Baby Boo Pumpkins

Would you believe I never heard of Baby Boo pumpkins until just last year? It's true! I saw photos of these adorable white mini pumpkins on a couple of my favorite blogs last Fall and fell head over heels in love with 'em! Fortunately it didn't take long for me to find where to buy them locally and I immediately began my foray into Autumn decorating with Baby Boo pumpkins! How can you not love these cute and creamy miniature pumpkins with their … [Read more...]

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