Autumn Decorating with Baby Boo Pumpkins

Would you believe I never heard of Baby Boo pumpkins until just last year? It’s true! I saw photos of these adorable white mini pumpkins on a couple of my favorite blogs last Fall and fell head over heels in love with ’em! Fortunately it didn’t take long for me to find where to buy them locally and I immediately began my foray into Autumn decorating with Baby Boo pumpkins!

Autumn Decorating with Baby Boos via Town and Country LivingHow can you not love these cute and creamy miniature pumpkins with their curvy green stems?


Baby Boo Pumpkins with Football Mums via Town and Country LivingThis little white orb’s proper name is Cucurbita pepo and is edible, but in my opinion; too cute to cook!


Baby Boos on a Breadbox via Town and Country LivingLast year, I lined Baby Boos atop my bread box in the kitchen.


Baby Boo in an Autumn table setting via Town and Country LivingAutumn decorating with Baby Boo pumpkins last year also included adding them to each place setting for Thanksgiving.


Autumn decorating with Baby Boo Pumpkins via Town and Country LivingI think Baby Boo pumpkins fit right in with an elegant Autumn table setting.


Baby Boo pumpkins used as Autumn centerpiece via Town and Country LivingThey also look sweet in a more casual and natural Fall table setting.


Baby Boo pumpkin in a white ironstone bowl via Town and Country LivingBaby Boo pumpkins nestle perfectly inside a small, white ironstone bowl.


Baby Boo pumpkin with Football Mums on white ironstone platterThey also pair well with Football Mums. See how easy it is to create  Autumn decorating with Baby Boo pumpkins?


Autumn decorating with Baby Boo pumpkinsPerch a Baby Boo pumpkin atop a Ball mason jar for a bit of whimsy on an Autumn table setting.


Birdcage Cloche filled with Baby Boos via Town and Country LivingThis year I stuffed a bunch in a birdcage cloche, layered on top of an aqua colored shutter.


Fall Home Tour at Town and Country LivingDuring Fall Home Tour week, I used white Baby Boo pumpkins extensively. They only cost 50 cents each – so not only are they cute and charming, but they’re economical as well.


Autumn decorating with Baby Boo pumpkins at Town and Country LivingWhen I decorate my home, I prefer natural elements. It just feels more organic and homey to me.


Autumn centerpiece in a farmhouse kitchen via Town and Country LivingI’m not one to paint pumpkins which seems to be quite popular these days. If I need a certain color pumpkin or gourd, I’ll find the right color at the local farmer’s market … like this Blue Moon pumpkin with its beautiful blue-gray hue.


Autumn decorating with Baby Boo pumpkins


Autumn decorating in a farmhouse dining roomAutumn decorating with Baby Boo pumpkins is simple and easy. Due to their miniature size, they fit almost anywhere!


Baby Boo Pumpkin paired with white ironstoneThis year I’ve decided to save some of the seeds from these little beauties and try to grow them in my garden.

What are some of your favorite ways to decorate for Autumn?

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  1. I do like baby boos and always buy a bag of them to decorate with. A bag here contains 5 or 6 pumpkins for about $5.00. Your home looks so pretty with the baby boos added to the decor for fall. I hope you have a lovely weekend.

  2. I love those baby boos, too, Jennifer! I never knew about them until I started blogging and ever since I make sure I pick up a few every year. They are such a great size to put anywhere and that’s what I love about them. I put a couple in my whites cabinet in the kitchen and they are the perfect size to sit on top of pillar candle holders. I love them on top of a place setting as you have pictured.

  3. I have adored boo pumpkins since my Mom gave me one probably 15 yrs ago. She is gone now but I always have a white pumpkin on the porch. Your home looks wonderful with all of them scattered around!

  4. Love your Baby Boo pumpkins. We never have little plain white ones around here in NJ. I am a fan of white pumpkins. If I can’t find any next year to decorate our new home with I am ordering from the internet somewhere!


  5. Hi Jennifer,
    I love the baby boo’s too. They are just so cute you gotta love them. Your decor is so sweet with adding the baby boos.

  6. I love what seem to be the more exotic pumpkins but they must be easier to grow in some climes as I can never find them no matter where I’ve lived the last ten years. I think I might have seen the white variety was finally starting to make an appearance at some of the pumpkin farms in the northern Colorado area but still no blues.