Early Fall Decorating

Funny. I'm writing a post about fall decorating when it's 90 degrees outside! Illinois is scheduled for a couple more days of sweltering heat and then our temps drop into the mid-70s by Labor Day. Since it can be pretty hot and humid even through the first part of October, it's hard for me to get in the mood for fall decorating until closer to Halloween. I'm not ready for the warmer hues of autumn just yet, so I find ways to transition my home … [Read more...]

5 Kitchen Decorating Tips to Personalize Your Cooking Space

Let's face it.  We all love looking at pictures of beautiful kitchens but what good is a pretty kitchen if it's not functional as well? That's why 24 bloggers have joined forces today and tomorrow to share kitchen decorating tips with you. Not only that, but we're offering 2 fabulous prizes for 2 lucky winners ... a Pfister faucet and a $250 gift card (details at end of this post)! So back to the task at hand. When it comes to decorating style, … [Read more...]

You Don’t Want to Miss the Kitchen Details Tour!

I'm so excited to announce an upcoming home tour that showcases kitchen details!  Adding style and functionality to your kitchen doesn't have to be tricky. Learn some tips and secrets from 24 resourceful bloggers who use a little creativity and ingenuity to make their kitchens the heart of the home. On August 22nd and 23rd,  take an online tour of 24 kitchens that showcase kitchen details. My kitchen will be displayed on Thursday, August 22nd. … [Read more...]

Summer in a Farmhouse Country Kitchen

Summer breezes are blowin' through the open windows of our farmhouse country kitchen and I'm lovin' these cooler days. Seems like we've either had rainy days or 90 degree days since June, so now that the humidity has left and temperatures have cooled to the upper 70s, I'm a happy camper! One thing I love about summer, my favorite season, is the abundance of wildflowers free for the picking! Each month sees a new variety popping up and I'm always … [Read more...]

Summer Farmhouse Decorating Tips

The two biggest decorating seasons in our country home are Christmas and Summer.  Christmas is an obvious choice, and since summer is the time when I can bring flowers in from the yard, it ranks right up there with our favorite December holiday. Farmhouse decorating is really quite easy because the style is unpretentious, economical, and rather simple. Won't you join me on a tour of a few rooms in my home while I share a few summer farmhouse … [Read more...]

Decorating with Lilacs and White Ironstone

The day I've been patiently waiting for has finally arrived! The lilac bushes are blooming and that means I can bring these delicate beauties indoors to fill our living space with their sweet fragrance. Decorating with lilacs is so easy to do because they are perhaps the easiest of flowers to arrange. Lilacs naturally spill over in a large enamelware pot. I didn't even arrange this grouping of lilacs. I took an enamel pot of water outside with … [Read more...]

Bluebells in Our Farmhouse Kitchen

One of my favorite decorating tricks is to bring fresh flowers into our farmhouse kitchen, dining room, and every other room under our metal roof! Last week the daffodils were in bloom and I brought a big bouquet of their sunshine inside. This week the flowerbeds are filled with bunches of blue ... Virginia Bluebells, that is. This beautiful-hued perennial is quite prolific, spreading itself throughout the garden a bit more each year.  Excited … [Read more...]

Open Shelving in our Farmhouse Kitchen

Finally we're getting the rest of the open shelving added to the kitchen!  I've been talking about it since before Christmas and here it is April, almost 5 months later.  Better late than never and no harm was done except that my nerves were getting frazzled because I was running out of space to store my white ironstone finds. If you've been reading my previous kitchen posts, you'll remember that we didn't have anything on this wall at all. … [Read more...]

A French Lamb Sign for My Farmhouse Kitchen

For the longest time I've been on the hunt for a cow picture for the kitchen. Since I want to keep a farmhouse feel in this part of the house, what better way to accomplish this than with a farm animal? I found lots of beautiful cow paintings for hundreds of dollars but as usual, I was looking for a bargain ... and I found one!  But when given the option of choosing a cow, lamb or pig ... in the end I opted for the lamb. The lamb picture has … [Read more...]

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