Decorating with Lilacs and White Ironstone

The day I’ve been patiently waiting for has finally arrived! The lilac bushes are blooming and that means I can bring these delicate beauties indoors to fill our living space with their sweet fragrance. Decorating with lilacs is so easy to do because they are perhaps the easiest of flowers to arrange.

Lilacs in an Enamel PotLilacs naturally spill over in a large enamelware pot. I didn’t even arrange this grouping of lilacs. I took an enamel pot of water outside with me and tucked the lilac branches into the pot as I pruned them off their bush.


Lilacs When I dragged the pot inside and set it on the cupboard, I realized they looked good as is.

No primping needed!


Lilac VignetteOne thing led to another and I got a little carried away and started decorating with lilacs in full force.


Lilacs in a farmhouse kitchenThe new shelving in the kitchen seemed like a good place to start decorating with lilacs.


Hanging lilac bunchI hung a small batch of lilacs to the shelf bracket using a length of crinkled seam binding.


Lilacs in ironstone pitcherAnother small sprig of lilacs is tucked into a small white ironstone pitcher.


White Ironstone PitcherOf course, I had to include my newest flea market find in my vignette of decorating with lilacs.


Decorating with lilacs


Ivy and LilacsI decided the hanging ivy would look good with a few sprigs of lilacs. To keep the lilacs fresh, simply tuck them in single bud vases filled with water.


English Ivy and LilacsLilacs tucked in a basket for easy carrying look good as is.


Basket of LilacsI cut flowers with about half the buds unopened so they’d last longer indoors.


Decorating with lilacsDecorating with lilacs in a white kitchen really makes them pop and take center stage.


Vintage mirror and flowersA basket of violets adds another shade of lavender to the grouping of lilacs.


Decorating with lilacsWhenever there’s a gaping hole in a vignette, I tend to fill it with a vintage mirror.


Decorating with lilacsDecorating with lilacs gives me great pleasure! I love the fragrance and was so happy to see the bushes in bloom. Do you have lilacs in your garden and if you do, have you brought them inside yet?

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  1. We haven’t seen your new shelving yet…..looks quite nice!!! My lilacs finally opened also and brought a huge bunch inside, smells heavenly……’s a tip…..smash the lower stems with a hammer before putting in water, they’ll last longer.

  2. A very pretty lilac vignette! Love the beautiful sunlight streaming in through your kitchen, Jennifer!

    Happy Mother’s Day,


  3. I have two lilacs in my garden one white and one lilac,
    and yes i have brought them inside, my livingroom and bedroom now have the sweet lilac smell !!

  4. OK, we must be thinking alike. I did pics of my lilacs this weekend and have a post ready also. They are heavenly, the aroma fills the whole house.

  5. Your lilacs are so pretty, Jennifer. You have some great ideas for decorating with them. We do have a lilac bush but I haven’t cut any to bring inside yet . . . after seeing your post, I’m pretty sure that’s what I’ll be doing this morning!

  6. Oh, you lucky girl, Jennifer! I love the smell of lilacs and their pretty color. I have no room here to plant one. I either have to talk my daughter into planting one or make a friend with lilacs! I’d love to have some of those blooms in my house perfuming the air with that great scent.

  7. Absolutely Gorgeous, Jennifer! I love lilacs and they aren’t in bloom here yet. I don’t have any but my neighbour does and I hope to get a few branches from them to smell up the house. Beautiful photos! Have a lovely week. Pam

  8. Oh Jen I bet your kitchen smells so good. I just love lilacs. Mine are just starting to bloom. I love how sweet and pretty this vignette is. I bet you love to walk by and see how sweet that is. Beautiful.

  9. Wow, absolutely stunning! I’d love it if you could link this up to our party, Give Me The Goods Monday! {1 party, 5 blogs )
    Have a great week!
    Jamie @

  10. This looks wonderful! I have lilacs in the house as well right now….though I couldn’t WAIT! Mine are a few days away from completely opening but I arranged some of them with blooms from another bush…I took some pictures yesterday afternoon but have not posted yet. I am so pleased that I HAVE them this year, though. Last year we had very warm weather far too early then a hard freeze at just the wrong time occurred and they never bloomed at all 🙁

    Yours on that new shelving is just so darn pretty and I’ll bet the scent is wafting everywhere….lilacs have the most wonderful scent!

  11. I love the look and fragrance of lilacs. There is a pitiful little plant in my yard that I have been nursing for several years. I hope it takes off and does something before long, but it may never do much as lilacs do not seem to thrive here. Your lilacs are beautiful in their containers.

  12. I never tire of looking at your beautiful white kitchen. The lilacs are perfect and your photos are absolutely professional! Wonderful job showcasing your lilacs.


  13. What a lovely display!! You have a wonderful touch and your space is perfect, Jennifer. I can only imagine the delightful aroma as well. 🙂
    I’ll be sharing it on my Facebook page tonight.
    Hope you have An Extraordinary Day!

  14. Beautiful lilacs and love them in your kitchen!! I don’t think ours are planning to bloom this year… been waiting and nothing yet. Thanks for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday!

  15. I’m a big fan of fresh flowers in the house and these lilacs would smell amazing. I love how you have grouped them together too. It is all just lovely Jennifer. Thank you for sharing them at Shabbilicious Friday. I will be featuring this post at tomorrow’s party.

  16. Just scrolling thru this post from last May….oh, how I wish for spring!!! I love lilacs and can’t wait to enjoy them in my yard and house once again. Beautiful post to look back on, on this cold winter day in the Northeast! Thank you!