The Best Latte You Can Make at Home!

I’ve discovered a treasure I want to share with all of you! I found out how to make the best latte right in my own kitchen. Now I realize using the word “best” might seem like an exaggeration, but it’s really not. (This post contains affiliate links.)

Best Latte You Can Make at Home


Every morning I make myself a double shot latte with a little bit of Italian sweet cream. It’s what I look forward to when I have to drag myself out of my warm bed. And the best part? You don’t have to invest in an expensive latte/espresso machine.

You only need two things to make the best latte ever. An AeroPress coffee maker and a milk frother. You can purchase both for about $30-35 each. Not bad. A fancy latte at a coffee shop costs about $4.00 – so after about 18 lattes, you’ve paid for the equipment.

AeroPress for Making the Best Coffee at Home


The AeroPress is different than a French press coffee maker. You’ll find the coffee is less bitter than the French version. If you’ve ever had syphoned coffee, that’s what it tastes like.

To make coffee using the AeroPress, you put an included paper filter in the cap and then screw it onto the bottom of the coffee holder.

How to Make Coffee with an AeroPress


How to Make Coffee with an AeroPress


Add ground coffee – I use espresso when making a latte, but you can use any type of ground coffee. In addition to latte and espresso, you can make a regular cup of coffee or even cold brew with the AeroPress. I like my latte strong so I use two scoops of espresso coffee.

How to Make a Latte with an AeroPress


Place the coffee holder on top of your coffee mug and use the included funnel to add hot water. I heat water in the microwave but you could also use a teapot on the stove.

How to Make a Latte with an AeroPress


Use the stirrer to gently stir the grounds and water – for about 10 seconds. While you’re doing this, some of the coffee will start to drip through the filter – so make sure you don’t pour the water unless the coffee holder is sitting on your cup (yes, I’ve made this mistake and wound up with a little coffee on the counter top).

How to Make a Latte with an AeroPress


Here comes the fun part! Place the press inside the coffee holder and slowly press down. You’ll hear a whooshing sound when you get to the bottom, which is kind of fun.

How to Make Coffee with an AeroPress


Once you’ve pressed all the way down (sometimes you need two hands), you can remove the coffee holder and you’ll see your rich, smooth coffee in your cup.

Making Coffee and Espresso with a Press


Now, to make the best latte ever, you need to froth your milk using an electric frother which you can pick up for under $30. It heats and froths your milk perfectly. I have a Bodum frother.

Use a Milk Frother to Make Homemade Latte or Cappuccino


You can make either a cappuccino or latte depending on how much milk you use. If you want a flavored latte, you can add the flavor before or after you add the milk and foam.

Use a Milk Frother to Make Homemade Latte or Cappuccino


Scoop out as much of the foam from the frother as you want to add to your drink. You can also sprinkle a little cocoa or cinnamon atop the foam if you’re so inclined.

How to Make the Best Latte from the Comfort of Your Home


And that, my friends, is how you make the best latte ever from your own home. I much prefer this homemade version over a coffee shop latte any day. It’s also a lot easier on the budget, too.

Here’s the shopping sources for the AeroPress and the Bodum frother:

AeroPress on Amazon

Bodum Milk Frother on Amazon


The Best Homemade Latte Ever - with no machine!



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