Therapeutic Houseplants and a Handy Plant Hack

January is over! Yay! We’re one month closer to spring. And the way I handle the winter months while waiting for warmer weather is with therapeutic houseplants.

Philodendron Brasil in Footed Wooden Bowl


It’s the first Saturday of the month which means it’s time for sharing about cozy living with my blogging friends. You’ll find links to their hygge style living ideas at the bottom of this post.

Plants in my house put a smile on my face when I see them. They truly lift my spirits and they purify the air, so I know having them around is a good thing.

Farmhouse Buffet with Therapeutic Houseplants


I’ve had this Bird’s Nest fern for about a year now and it’s still doing great. I water it just a little bit every few days. The smaller plant is a curly-cue spider plant. I have a regular spider plant that’s getting some TLC because my kitties like to chew on its leaves. So it’s high up on a shelf for now.

Bird's Nest Fern and Curly Spider Plant


This Philodendron Brasil is one of my favorite plants ever and it’s sooooo easy to care for. Honestly, watering is the biggest thing to be diligent about growing healthy houseplants. Over-watering is probably the biggest killer because the roots will rot and when that happens, there’s pretty much no turning back.

Philodendron Brasil in Footed Wooden Bowl


Here’s my newest plant – a pretty Hoya with a beautiful trailing habit. I put it in my copper bottom black pot. Pairing plants with the right container is fun and I like to use a variety of containers.

Trailing Hoya Plant


Look at the subtle speckled pattern on its leaves. I just love this little guy!

Trailing Hoya Plant


Here’s my other Hoya that I almost lost! It was in my bedroom and I kind of forgot about it and it lost a lot of leaves. But I’m nursing it back to life and it’s doing much better. Its leaves are variegated and sometimes take on a pink hue – look closely at the bottom leaves.

Trailing Hoya Plant


Here’s another Philodendron – this one is a Micans. In the background is my snake plant. If you’re nervous about getting some therapeutic houseplants in your home, try the snake plant. They don’t mind if you forget to water them and are super low-maintenance.

Philodendron Micans


My secret to growing healthy plants is to pay attention to their leaf behavior. My nerve plant will droop when it’s thirsty. Philodendrons and Pothos can go at least a week without water. Make sure their soil dries out in between waterings. If you water them too much, the leaves become lifeless.

This gorgeous Staghorn Fern is my newest plant acquisition. It’s like a Philodendron and requires only weekly watering. So pretty!

Staghorn Fern on Vintage Mantel


The Staghorn is sharing the mantel with my wooden mushrooms.

Wooden Mushrooms with Staghorn Fern


And now I have a plant hack for you to help keep your houseplants looking healthy. My dieffenbachia sometimes gets brown tips on its leaves, and sometimes brown spots show up in the middle of the leaf and spread.

Leaf Burn on Dieffenbachia


So I get out my scissors and gently cut the brown tip off, cutting a curve to make it look like I didn’t cut anything off.

Leaf Burn on Dieffenbachia


Most people don’t know it’s okay to trim the leaves, but it makes the plant look so much better. It’s also a good idea to dust the leaves on occasion.

Healthy Dieffenbachia Leaf


I put my Dieffenbachia outside during the summer months and it really perks up and gets healthy growth. He doesn’t like being indoors so much, but I keep this plant by my largest window and keep the soil evenly moist.

In addition to trimming its leaves when needed, I cut off the leaves that get the big brown spots on them.

Healthy Dieffenbachia Plant


My therapeutic houseplants help get me through the winter. They’re a reminder that soon there will be green growth outside. And while I’m waiting for that day, I can enjoy and fiddle with my plants to get my gardening fix.

Therapeutic Houseplants in the Entryway


Do you have a favorite type of houseplant? I’d love to hear what it is!

Be sure to visit my blogging friends to see what cozy ideas they have for the month of February!


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  1. I love having plants in the house to brighten these winter months. Just the other day I found a great varigated ginger plant at Trader Joe’s and bought two . I want to keep them healthy till they can go outside in 2 copper planters I have. Almost all my houseplants summer outside on the deck and they thrive with the warmth and humidity. Always on the lookout for new ones to try. Happy Febuary. Loved changing the calendar this morning.😊

  2. LOVED seeing all your plants and love your tips. I have a philodendron, a snake plant and two monsteras. All low maintenance. I’d love to add a few more to our home.

  3. I love the idea of a super low maintenance plant. I tend to overwater and then they die. My brown thumb kills indoor plants but outdoor plants I do fine with. I bring my lemon and lime tree in every winter and pray they make it until spring when I can get them back outdoors to thrive. They look pretty pitiful by the time nice weather rolls around again.

  4. They’re all so pretty Jennifer! I loved all of your tips and the Philodendron Brasil is gorgeous. That’s one plant I don’t think I’ve ever heard of. I can’t wait to check out nursery for one!

  5. I have a Peace Lily that I regularly trim using the scissor treatment 😉 And just today I realized a succulent I’ve been nursing for a few months is probably not going to make it. My 2 year old grandson has played with it once too often. My biggest obstacle with plants is light. I might have to look at some snake plants. Do you , by any chance, visit Grow in Geneva? I’m not that far from there, but is a drive and I’ve been wanting to go.

    1. Hi Nancy,

      Sorry for the delay in response. Most of my plants are from Grow Geneva! It’s definitely worth the trip. They stock plants on Tuesday so if you can get there within a few days after, you’ll get the best selection. Although, they always have a lot of stock. I like their pots and planters too. As long as you’re going to Geneva, be sure to check out Cocoon if you haven’t already. It’s right down the street from Grow Geneva but on the opposite side of Third Street. And just a few doors down from there is Graham’s Chocolates – another favorite. You’ll love having a snake plant. They’re so easy to grow and I love the architectural element they provide.