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Spring Tulip Arrangement: Step-by-Step Instructions

Are you ready to add a breath of fresh spring air to your home? Tulips and carnations are in abundance at the grocery store and these pretty flowers make a great choice for a spring tulip arrangement. Follow the step-by-step instructions and you just might surprise yourself with the beauty you can create.

How to make a spring tulip arrangement


Gather Your Floral Supplies

Select a low round bowl in a shade that complements the color of your tulips. A neutral like white or gray is always smart. Nothing too fancy because you want the focus to be on the flowers. Get your tulips and add a few accent pieces like inexpensive carnations, pussy willow stems, and dainty greenery like boxwood.

You’ll also need florist foam, a knife to cut the foam, pruning scissors to cut the flower stems, cellophane, and a large bowl filled with water to soak the florist foam.

Florist supplies for creating a flower arrangement


Prepare the Base

Cut the florist foam to fit inside your bowl. Place the foam in your bowl of water and let it soak for several minutes until the block of foam is completely saturated.

cutting florist foam to fit a vase


soaking a piece of florist foam in water to create a centerpiece


Next, cut a piece of cellophane large enough to line the inside of your bowl or vase. Don’t neglect this step. I’ve ruined more than one bowl by not lining it first. The water ended up discoloring my bowl since it was in contact with water for so long. The cellophane will protect your bowl. Place the saturated piece of florist foam into your cellophane-lined bowl. Trim any cellophane that sticks out above the top of the bowl.

lining bowl with cellophane for a spring tulip arrangement


preparing flower vase with florist foam and cellophane


Create Your Spring Tulip Arrangement

Now comes the fun part! You get to create your arrangement by poking flowers into the florist foam. Cut your flowers and stems to various heights, with flowers in the middle being slightly taller than flowers located near the edges of the bowl.

PRO TIP: When pushing stems into the foam, hold closer to the bottom of the stem. If you hold the top of the flower and push it into the florist foam, the stem could bend or break as you press it into the foam.

How to make a spring tulip arrangement


Keep adding flowers to the foam until the bowl is filled in. Flowers should be close together so you can’t see any of the foam.

how to create a spring flower arrangement


I generally like to place all my flowers first and then add the accents like the pussy willows and boxwood. You can use the accent stems to fill in holes within your arrangement.

Spring flower arrangement with tulips, carnations, pussy willows, and boxwood


Admire Your Spring Tulip Arrangement

This last step is very important! You should take time to admire your handiwork and take pride in your creativity. Remember – flower arrangements don’t have to look perfect. They don’t look perfectly arranged out in the fields and who’s going to argue with God’s placement of them?

Place your arrangement where you’re most likely to see and enjoy it. You can add a couple of accents like eggs or a small bird cage. Anything that makes you feel like spring is in the air!

Spring flower arrangement with tulips, carnations, pussy willows, and boxwood


This spring tulip arrangement would be a great weekend project. You should give it a try. And if you’d like to plant tulips in your yard so you can clip them to use inside your house, see my post at Pond and Garden to learn how to plant bulbs in the spring.


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  1. Oh you did a beautiful job. Such a nice arrangement. I’ve never put together an arrangement using the florist foam. How long does that stay wet? And I suppose after it drys a little you just put some water on the foam? Anyway, I’m going to go back and look at your lovely arrangement again. Have a great day!

    1. Hi Vicky!  As long as you fully saturate the foam, the flowers should stay hydrated for 7-10 days. The package should state how long to soak the foam. You can always water the foam if you think it’s drying out.