Vintage Hankies ~ 3 Ways

The past couple weeks I’ve spent more time in the garden and less time in the house. We had a bazillion weeds that were out of control and I knew if I didn’t get them pulled quickly, they’d take over the entire yard. We also managed to get our vegetable garden planted. I did have a little bit of time to pull out my collection of vintage hankies that I used to add a little color around the home. I love this look because a) I think it’s pretty and b) the hankies don’t cost much. Here’s 3 simple ways to use vintage hankies in your home.

Create a cottage style window treatment with vintage hankies.Create a cottage style window valance. Using a tension rod in your window, fold the hankies diagonally over the rod so they create a pointed edge. No sewing needed!


Create a cottage style window treatment with vintage hankies.Use a mix of patterns in complementary colors.


Create a cottage style window treatment with vintage hankies.Add a small potted flower on the sill for additional color.


Enamel pot with violasI love these little violas … or Johnny Jump Ups as we called them when we were kids.


Create a vintage hankie bannerCreate a vintage hankie banner. I actually saw this idea in the window of a local vintage shop and thought it was so cute. I decided to make one for my dining hutch.


Create a vintage hankie bannerAll you do to make this banner is fold your vintage hankies diagonally, and then tie the ends together.

So easy and it adds a bit of color and whimsy!


Create a vintage hankie table runnerCreate a vintage hankie table runner. Choose 3 hankies in complementary colors and line them up point-to-point on your table. You could also overlap them and add more, if desired.


Create a vintage hankie table runnerTo create a simple centerpiece, add a potted flower atop each hankie.

I chose African violets but any flower will do.


Vintage Hankies Three WaysAnd there you have it! Vintage hankies … three ways!

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  1. This post is exactly why I appreciate your blog, simplicity at it’s finest. I am copying the hankie banner for my hutch right now! Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Just discovered your blog yesterday and I’m working my way back to older posts. I already had the vintage hankies in my dining room and kitchen using them in the same manner – but I had done them in either all blue or all red hankies for the window treatments. I mixed them up and they’ve come to life…so much more vibrant. I have a hutch where I had them laying over the edge of the top. I tried to tie them together as a banner, but they were too long so back to laying them over the top – they do look better though, because again, I mixed them up and the colors just pop. I dug out some extra hankies and put them on a low shelf in my dining area. Very cute! Thanks for the inspiration. 🙂

  3. Nice to see these simple and pretty uses for vintage hankies that do not destroy the hanky. My clients are always surprised and pleased to find out that my dresses are folded and no cutting is involved either.