Enjoying Baseball and Family Time

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Are you a baseball fan? I’m kind of an on-again off-again fan when it comes to America’s favorite past time. I’d rather enjoy the game live and in-person than watch it on TV (it tends to put me asleep). But my favorite games this time of year are the ones my grandson plays in. This is his first year of baseball and I love watching him out on the field. My son played when he was younger and I never missed a game. Afterwards, we like to enjoy TONY’S® Pizza from Walmart with the family.

Enjoying Family Time with Tony's PizzaI don’t think there’s anything I treasure more than spending time with my children and their families. Getting together doesn’t have to be a big, elaborate affair.


Tony's Bacon Cheeseburger PizzaAlthough I enjoy cooking homemade meals for the family, sometimes a quick and easy pizza is the way to go. Tony’s offers a bacon cheeseburger pizza, which is popular with the guys in our family.


Cheese Pizza from Tony'sI’m a vegetarian so I usually opt for cheese pizza.

And I love when the crust comes out perfectly golden like this one.


Enjoying Tony's Pizza with the FamilyMy daughter Bridget is pregnant with her first baby and will probably soon be asking for pickles with her pizza. She has a cute little baby bump! She’s due in November.


Enjoying Family Time with Tony's PizzaHere’s the little slugger, my grandson Aiden and his sister Zoe. They’re two peas in a pod and get along remarkably well for a brother and sister. That’s my son Cory, the former baseball player behind them. He mostly played 3rd base, and as fate would have it, Aiden also covers third base a lot in his games, too.


Pitching a Baseball GameHe’s also gotten to pitch a few times, which he loves. It’s his first year of baseball and I’m glad he’s getting experience at different positions.


Batting PracticeTo keep Aiden motivated, the family gets together for practice sessions. Yes, this is me taking a swing on one of our nearby baseball fields. I’m not very good but I enjoy it.


Tony's PizzaWhen I choose a pizza, the crust is a big deciding factor for me. You’ll note the box says “pizzeria style crust” made with real cheese and Italian herbs. Tony’s pizza is now 30% larger and if you’re a fan like me, you’ll be happy to know you can SAVE $.75 off of any TWO (2) Tony’s Pizza (14.14 oz. or larger). The Walmart digital coupon is available until 6/30/15 (while supplies last).

We’re planning a family outing to our minor league baseball team, the Kane County Cougars. So tell me, are you a baseball fan and if yes, who’s your favorite team?


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  1. I love professional baseball and my favorite way to watch is live, in the stadium with a beer and a hotdog!! I saw my first game at the field of the Washington Senators many years ago. Washington, DC no longer has a baseball team and since I lived there during most of my high school and young adult life, I became a Baltimore Orioles fan. It is hard now that I live in upstate NY but I continue to love baseball and on a trip to Boston a couple of years ago even got to experience Fenway Park and my first Red Sox game. Needless to say, while I root for the Orioles, I simply love the game and will watch any time I get the chance. Love to watch the kids especially and try never to miss any games of my grandkids if I’m in town. We love Tony’s pizza too. Thanks for the coupons!!

  2. I adore baseball and have been to just about every stadium except Seattle and the two in Florida.

    Washington does indeed have a baseball team; the Nationals, since 2005! They bedevil the heck outta my Braves, but I like a lot of their players.

    I have never tried Tony’s pizza, but I will now, thanks!

  3. I’m with you…baseball in person and the best games are not the people who get paid millions to play! And pizza is always in season.

  4. Look at the gams on you! I like to believe all those muscles came from your vintage loving habits like walking around sightseeing in all the old neighborhoods, not to mention hoofing it around the flea markets and lugging your finds home! I am a vegetarian too and that cheese pizza looks yummy!