Wood Furniture Makes a Resounding Comeback in Home Design

When I started blogging 12 years ago, painted furniture was all the rage. I had never heard of chalk paint until I started seeing it on DIY blog sites. The colors and finishes were beautiful, so I had to try it for myself. I couldn’t believe that you didn’t have to wear out your wrists sanding a piece of furniture before painting. Chalk paint was a decorator’s dream come true. Fast forward to today, and you’ll see that wood furniture and finishes are making a resounding comeback. And now I’m ready to start stripping the paint off some of my furniture.

The beauty and richness of natural wood adds depth and warmth to a room, so I’m glad to see a rise in the popularity of wood furniture. Today’s post has beautiful examples of wood furniture in a variety of rooms. Vintage pieces, like the one in this home office, are especially interesting and unique with little cubbies and drawers to explore and store things.

home office with wood furniturePhoto by New Old, LLC


A vintage, roll-top wooden desk makes great use of an awkward corner in this cheery, cottage living room. The natural wood finish allows for some grounding of the space with its white walls and ceiling. 

vintage wooden roll top desk in living roomPhoto by Sol Haus Design


A traditional butler’s chest makes an impact in an almost all-white room. If the chest were painted, it wouldn’t create the same drama and depth as wood. Lucky is the person who finds an antique in primo condition. 

wood butler's chest in white living roomPhoto by Third and Windsor Interior Design


Who can resist a natural wood farmhouse hutch? Such a beautiful yet simple piece of furniture that takes center stage in any room. Display dishes, quilts, family photos, and so much more. If there’s one piece of wood furniture you’re going to invest in, this is it!

wooden farmhouse hutchPhoto by Liz Williams Interiors


Wood furniture commands attention in the bathroom, too. I’m currently on the hunt for a vintage wooden piece to add to my downstairs bathroom. We finally had the plumbing updated and it wasn’t nearly as expensive as I thought it’d be. I’d love to find a chest like this one (at a bargain price, of course!).

vintage chest in bathroomPhoto by Panageries


Use classic piece of wood furniture to greet visitors in the entryway. A chest like this is classic and timeless. You can find pieces like this for relatively inexpensive prices. Check second-hand shops for the best deals.

wood chest of drawers in farmhouse entrywayPhoto by Phoebe Howard


It’s fairly easy to find wooden armoires that lend beauty and functionality to any room. For people like me who live in old houses without a a lot of storage, pieces like this are a treasure. 

warm dining room with circular tablePhoto by LORRAINE G VALE, Allied ASID


Scandinavian furniture often comes in wood finishes. This charming bench nestles perfectly into a windowed alcove. Change out the pillows according to the season or your mood if you’re craving a little more pattern and color. The bench will remain looking gorgeous.

Scandinavian bench in windowed alcovePhoto by Border Oak Ltd


I’m not sure which is the focal point in bathroom – the vintage tub or the arched armoire. Both are beautiful and balance each other perfectly. Note how the wood keeps the room from feeling washed out. 

arched wood armoire next to claw foot tubPhoto by Emerick Architects


Who can resist a unique hutch like this one? I want to open those vertical side drawers on the side. I’ve never seen something like that. So interesting!

antique wood hutchPhoto by Stephanie Gamble Interiors


And finally, if you find a solid wood chest of drawers, consider turning it into a bathroom vanity. I’m also looking for something like this for the bathroom. I’ve looked for vanities at home stores, but I want something a little more unique and custom looking. 

wood vanity in powder roomPhoto by Marianne Simon Design


So I’m curious – which do  you prefer? Natural wood furniture, or painted furniture? If you can’t decide, it’s okay to say both!


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  1. Great post! Loved every piece in every photo for what they added to the room. I admit I jumped on the painted furniture trend and I still love the pieces. However, I’m so happy I left my beautiful antique pieces as is, some of which my mother painstakingly refurbished. I do love how the mix of painted/stained pieces compliment each other in a collected and ever evolving way. My home feels more personal and unique to me.

  2. I’m renovating my small “master” bathroom with two vanities in quarter swan white oak with a very light stain. Not everything in this world needs to be painted. 😀

  3. I agree that there is nothing like the beauty of natural wood. I actually enjoy the smell of freshly waxed furniture. The huge antique show in Round Top Texas is an amazing source of beautiful authentic antique wood furniture. I will be taking at least 3 trips to the Fall Show, hopefully in cooler temperatures. I have been an antique dealer for 22 years. Thank you for your great posts🌷 Danielle

  4. Beautiful examples! Loved them all. Also loved the painted Swedish clock next to the butler’s chest. Honestly think the painting of furniture went too far if one took a beautiful wood antique piece and painted it to sell. If painted for their own use and preference, I can see that. I love the richness and warmth wood adds to a room. I am happy if wood furniture is making a comeback.

  5. So many beautiful pieces of wood furniture. I have some of each, because some wood is so pretty I just can’t cover it with paint.

  6. I have no favorites here. I love them all. You found photos of such beautiful wood furniture. Wood just gives such warmth to a room.

  7. I agree about the beauty and warmth of wood furniture. And the antique/vintage pieces are usually built so much more solidly than new furniture.