10 Elements of Farmhouse Style

Over the years of decorating several homes I’ve lived in, I never really thought of myself as having an affinity for farm style. I just know I like quirky old houses and vintage finds. Since living in my current home, where the streets of town meet the country roads, I find myself drawn more and more to farm decor. I love the local farm markets and the utilitarian pieces found on farms that can be used as decor. I thought I’d share some of my favorite elements of farmhouse style from my own home with you today.

1. Freestanding Kitchen Furniture

Elements of Farmhouse Style - freestanding pieces in the kitchen as opposed to walls of cabinetry.I’m starting in the kitchen because when I think of a classic farmhouse, I think of the heart of the home … the kitchen. Freestanding pieces are common in farmhouse kitchens.


2. Open Shelving

Open Shelving in a Farmhouse KitchenIf you’re gonna have a farmhouse, you gotta have open shelving. Whether it’s attached to the wall or a freestanding piece, you need open shelves where items are easily accessible. I always use the pitchers, bowls, and plates that are stored on the open shelves. After all, if I didn’t use them, they’d get dusty.


3. Built-In Cupboards

Beadboard Built-In Kitchen Cupboard in Farmhouse Breakfast NookI love this bead board cupboard in my kitchen. One of the things I look for when house shopping is built-in features. My first home, which was a Sears kit bungalow, had gorgeous built-in china cabinets in both the kitchen and the dining room, and 2 built-in bookcases in the living room.


4. Stoneware Crocks

Numbered Stoneware Crocks are a staple of farmhouse styleVintage crocks from the flea market are a staple in any farm house. They’re both functional and beautiful all at once. Use them to hold yarn balls, potatoes, fabric scraps, plants, and more. Or just set ’em on a shelf or table to look pretty.


5. White Ironstone

White Ironstone Pitcher CollectionCollecting white ironstone is probably the easiest and fastest way to add elements of farmhouse style to your decor. It’s readily available and you can find great pieces without spending a ton of money. See that pitcher in the lower left of the dining hutch? It was only $5. I think the most I’ve ever spent on an ironstone pitcher was $45.


6. Mason Jars

For a simple centerpiece, tuck white wildflowers into blue mason jarsMason jars are another easy way to add farmhouse appeal. You can find vintage jars at flea markets or new ones at your favorite discount store. I like to use mason jars as simple vases for economical centerpieces.


7. Painted Floors

Farmhouse floors painted with porch and deck paint.I love painted floors for both their appearance and durability. Mine have been painted white, blue-green, and now a rich chocolate. I prefer the darker color because it grounds the room and adds a bit of drama.


8. Flowers from the Garden

Virginia Bluebells from the garden make a striking centerpiece in an enamelware pitcherFarmhouse style isn’t fussy, so flowers from the garden always trump a professionally arranged bouquet from the florist. The simpler the flower arrangement, the better. They should look like you just cut them and plopped them into your favorite pitcher. I have tons of these beautiful Virginia Bluebells throughout my garden beds.


9. Clawfoot Bathtub

Clawfoot tub in a Farmhouse Bathroom. A fleur de lis gives it a French country touch.A clawfoot tub is a sure sign of an old farmhouse. I like modern conveniences, but I wouldn’t upgrade either of my bathrooms with their clawfoot tubs. The other tub has a shower attached to it and this one is used for long soaks.


10. Painted Furniture

Flea market finds decorate a circa 1875 farmhousePainted furniture provides a casual approach to decorating. It’s also versatile because you can change the color whenever you re-decorate a room. I like white painted furniture best because it goes with everything and makes a room look fresh and clean.

Obviously there are more elements of farmhouse style like old baskets, cotton textiles, wooden bowls, farm animal prints, and more. But this list of 10 includes some of my favorites.


Free Farmhouse Style Flipboard Magazine, filled with tons of farmhouse inspiration!For more farmhouse inspiration, check out my free Farmhouse Style digital magazine that I created with the Flipboard app. Content is continually added so be sure to visit the magazine often!


See how to add farmhouse style to your home with these essential decorating elements.


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  1. Having grown up on a dairy farm and my grandparents living next door in the 1800’s built farmhouse, I can say that you have farmhouse down, Jennifer! From the painted planked floors, built ins, crocks . . . – all could be found in that farmhouse! Brings back lots of fond memories!

  2. I was a child in the 1940’s. Grew up on a farm in a farmhouse decorated much like yours, with painted floors and furniture, mason jar vases, open shelving, and a wood kitchen table in the middle of the room, used not only for eating and homework, but for kneading bread, prepping everything from veggies and meat for cooking and canning, folding laundry and bathing the baby! It’s true, history repeats itself in so many ways. I miss those simpler days and simpler ways.

  3. I. Love. Your. Home.!!! It is so beautiful! Like you, i also find my personal style constantly evolving and it can be hard to articulate said style. I used to love everything cottage and I still do but with more rustic and farm flare. Your painted floors are beautiful! I’ve had them before but never thought of dark brown—> genius!

  4. Hi,
    I just want you to know I love your style of decorating! Thanks for sharing your lovely home. I wish I had half of your talent!!! I just can’t seem to get it together with my home. Thanks for your suggestions!
    Tricia B.

  5. I loved reading this! We bought our farm and farmhouse this past summer and I have found my style has started to shift. I am drawn to vintage, farmhouse decor, but I still love some modern pieces here and there too. I am learning to blend my love of several styles! Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  6. Love the digital magazine. We have so many similar tastes, crocks, mason jars, old bottles. I’m looking to add a ironstone pitcher, but haven’t found one yet. But the one thing that I just realized was we are in the same area. I was looking at the pic of your house & thought it looks familiar. I live on the outskirts of MP. But my mom lives in your town, along with my fav butcher shop, antique stores, exercise club, & coffee shop. It’s so nice to find a blogger that’s a neighbor, & especially one that has similar tastes! Thank you!

  7. Where did you find your white shelves above the free standing furnishing? I’m looking for something similar. Thanks for the inspiration!