Quaint Cottage in Moscow

Today we're traveling to Moscow to see a quaint cottage with warm, minimalist style. You'll find a lot of charming details throughout the house. Photo by Константин Малюта   The kitchen caught my eye with its tiled floor, shiplap walls, and warm wood pieces. Photo by Константин Малюта   I wish my kitchen was large enough to house a rustic kitchen island like this one. The dual pendant lights add a nice design touch. Photo by … [Read more...]

The Perfect Mountain Home: For Me, Anyway

Omigoodness! If I lived in this perfect mountain home I'd feel like I'd died and gone to heaven! I love its warmth, blend of textures, and the amazing views through all the windows. Photo by TOTAL CONCEPTS   The exterior gives a hint to the textures and colors you'll find inside. Stone pairs with rustic wood siding, while black metal details lend a touch of cool industrial style. A rain chain is used in lieu of a downspout. Photo by … [Read more...]

Warm and Inviting Craftsman Home

The first home I purchased as an adult was a Sears kit craftsman home. It was a warm and cozy home with amazing architectural details. Today, we're touring a gorgeous home with many of the same craftsman details. Photo by David Heide Design Studio   My Sears kit home didn't have a fireplace like this one, but it did have numerous built-ins. Note the missions style furniture and art deco accent pieces. Photo by David Heide Design … [Read more...]

New Vermont Farmhouse on Old Foundation

A new Vermont farmhouse is built on an old foundation to create a truly unique home. Salvaged pieces from the old home are incorporated into the new one throughout. Photo by Silver Maple Construction LLC   Metal roofs are a classic element of an older farmhouse. My own house has a partial metal roof that I love. Photo by Silver Maple Construction LLC   Inside, you'll find plenty of Vermont farmhouse elements like chair peg rails … [Read more...]

Casual Home in Neutral Tones and Texture

Last week we toured a city home in Chicago, and today we're headed to the bay area of California. Enjoy touring this casual home in neutral tones and texture. It's open, bright, and beautiful! Photo by Jetton Construction, Inc. The home uses a lot of white in rooms but adds texture and a bit of warmth in the form of pillows, throws, rugs, and plants. Photo by Jetton Construction, Inc.   You won't find a lot of clutter. Instead, the … [Read more...]

Chicago City Living: Stunning Home Tour

I don't venture into the city too often, but when I do, I love walking the many neighborhoods and admiring the architecture. As I wander the streets of Wrigleyville or Hyde Park, I wonder what the beautiful homes look like inside. Today we're getting a taste of Chicago city living with a tour of a stunning brick and limestone house in the Southport corridor of the Lakeview neighborhood. Photo by Middlefork Development LLC   Step inside … [Read more...]

Light and Dark Decor in Craftsman Home

Enjoy the best of both worlds in this craftsman home that uses both light and dark decor to their fullest advantage! Photo by Katie Denham Interiors   Step inside this cozy, charming craftsman home and be greeted by dark, rich wood work! The first house I ever owned had wood trim like this. It was a Sears catalog home and the moment I stepped in the front door and saw the trim I said, "this is it!" We made an offer that day and month … [Read more...]

Georgian Style Home with Blend of Decor

Today we're touring the inside of a beautiful Georgian style home located in the U.K. The dwelling spaces have a wonderful mix of traditional, farmhouse, and Victorian styling to create a unique and gorgeous home. Photo by Imperfect Interiors   The kitchen has an amazing wall of windows with pretty, creamy colored vases lining the shelves. Of course, I saw this and immediately want to replicate the pottery collection on my own kitchen … [Read more...]

Modern Farmhouse That’s Not Afraid of Color

Fixer Upper style gave rise to simple farmhouse decor in black, white, and neutrals. Today we're touring a Maine modern farmhouse that's not afraid of color. Photo by Banks Design Associates, LTD & Simply Home   Step inside and you'll find a pleasing coastal style with plenty of color for those who like to enliven their farmhouse interiors. Photo by Banks Design Associates, LTD & Simply Home   Window treatments aren't … [Read more...]

Old and Charming English Brick Cottage in London

My friend and I were discussing new and old houses today and we both agreed that older homes have a certain charm and soul. Something about their history pulls at your heartstrings. I think you'll find this to be true when you tour today's charming English brick cottage located in London. Photo by ALL & NXTHING   Open the front door and be drawn into the ambiance of this house with its painted woodwork and a surprisingly modern light … [Read more...]

Charming Camp Cabin That Will Capture Your Heart

August is a big vacation month in our area. Families head out for one last summer party before the school season starts. In honor of vacation month, we're touring a charming camp cabin by Brayton Hughes Design Studio that will capture your heart. Photo by BraytonHughes Design Studios   Vintage red wicker furniture beckons you to set a spell on the front porch while a hammock summons you for a comfortable nap. A pair of lanterns are ready … [Read more...]

Seventies Ranch Gets a Feel Good Makeover

Homes built during the 60s and 70s tend to have boxy rooms with carpet and dark paneled walls. At first sight, the basic ranch home might appear boring and dungeon-like. But give it a makeover and you can enjoy a light and airy seventies ranch like this beauty! Photo by Julie Holloway   The charming cottage-style living room breathes new life with a fresh coat of paint. The fireplace was likely dark red brick while the paneled walls were … [Read more...]

Tour a Harbor Cottage with Coastal Style

You're in for a treat today as we take a tour of a beautiful harbor cottage with coastal style and amazing waterfront views! Photo by Taste Design Inc   Open the front door and you'll immediately see the fresh casual style of this coastal home. White walls allow textures and fabrics to take center stage. Photo by Taste Design Inc   Nubby textured rugs provide comfort underfoot while simple shades at the windows allow plenty of … [Read more...]

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