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Update a Room with New Artwork

An easy and fun way to update a room is with new artwork. Prints and canvas art can be inexpensive and immediately gives your home a new look.

New Artwork for Farmhouse Dining Room


Since adding board and batten to our dining room, I’ve been searching for new artwork for the south wall. I found an Antique sign for the north wall that worked out well.

Antiques Sign in a Farmhouse Dining Room


You might remember the my cream-colored buffet was on the north wall with painted shutters and a wreath above it. But after getting a new farmhouse table and chairs, I felt this area needed to better match the look I was going for.

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When I found four feather prints at Antique Farmhouse, I measured the space above the buffet to make sure they’d fit. However, once I hung the new artwork, the cream-colored buffet looked small and awkward.

New Artwork Feather Prints


Sometimes you have to be flexible and resourceful when making decorating changes. So the creamy buffet got swapped with the gray wood cabinet in the sitting room. I actually like the smaller, lighter buffet in this space better – you can see it in my summer colors tour.

Colors of Nature in Farmhouse Sitting Room

The gray cabinet is slightly taller and longer and balances the set of four feather prints much better.

New Artwork for Farmhouse Dining Room


I’m lovin’ the new artwork for my farmhouse dining room. The feather prints are soft and neutral with simple black wood frames.

Set of Feather Prints in Farmhouse Dining Room


My creeping fig, one of my favorite houseplants, is still going strong.

Favorite Houseplant - Creeping Fig


On the other end of the gray cabinet are two of my vintage mirrors, a leaf print, and gold vases.

Vintage Mirrors and Gold Vases Vignette


Luckily, swapping out the cabinets worked and my new artwork of four feather prints no longer looks overwhelming.

Set of Feather Prints in Farmhouse Dining Room


The last thing to be done in my dining room is to find a new area rug. I’m in no hurry though.

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  1. Love the swap of cabinets. The ivory cabinet looks nice with pastoral piece. Brings the coloring out differently. Your new father pictures look much better too. Great fix. Love it


  2. Not only is the proportion better with the gray cabinet, but the darker cabinet brings out the color in the feathers. Amazing swap without having to purchase something new. That’s always, as Martha says, “a good thing.”

  3. You are so right the swap was perfect, both cabinets look better with the pictures you chose. It is amazing what a small change can make. You certainly have made more than a few small changes and it all looks wonderful.

  4. Looks really nice. All you need is a (fake) feathered Quail on the cabinet to tie it all together. .

  5. Like it all…….love the canvas of cows in the tank. You know I’m from Texas
    calling it a “tank”. Do you know the name of it? Or where I can get it.
    I’ve looked, but cannot find.