10 Summer Flower Arrangements

Sunny days, warm breezes, fresh air, and colorful flowers.

These are just a few of the reasons why summer is my favorite season.

But most of all …

I love the riotous color of flowers blooming in the garden and alongside country roads.

10 Summer Fresh Flower ArrangementsTo inspire you, I’m sharing 10 summer flower arrangements that are easy to create!


Yellow Wildflowers in a Vintage Enamelware PitcherCan you believe I found these gorgeous yellow wildflowers alongside the road?

They look like coreopsis … I added a couple spikes of straw to the arrangement.

Tucked inside a vintage enamelware pitcher, they add a summer touch to my kitchen.


Coneflowers and Hydrangeas in Blue Atlas JarConeflowers and white hydrangea from my garden create a refreshing decorating detail.

I like my summer flower arrangements to be carefree and simple … just like summer itself.


Lavender Bee Balm and White Queen Anne's LaceMore wildflowers are stuffed into an enamelware pitcher.

I combined Bee Balm and Queen Anne’s Lace with a fuzzy straw grass for fun.

Summer arrangements don’t need to be fussy … I simply try to make them look balanced.


Pink Hydrangea in a French Enamel PotSometimes the simplest of arrangements is the most beautiful.

A French enamel pot cradles a beautiful, single pink hydrangea from my garden.


Wildflowers in White Ironstone PitcherYou can’t go wrong tucking wildflowers into a vintage ironstone pitcher.

This type of summer flower arrangement will always look pretty.


Yellow and White Wildflowers in Hanging VaseWho says a summer flower arrangement needs to sit on a table?

Use unlikely items for a vase, like this hanging candle holder.


Roadside Wildflowers in Enamelware PitcherWe have tons of wildflowers along the country roads here …

I wanted this arrangement to look like I grabbed a bunch of flowers and stuffed them into the pitcher.

Without any arranging at all!


Purple Sage in Vintage Aqua BottleNeed a quick and pretty summer flower arrangement?

Tuck a few sprigs of sage or speedwell into a vintage bottle for cottage charm.


Yellow and White Snapdragons in Mason Jar Wrapped with EyeletFarmer’s Markets are a great resource for summer flowers.

Less expensive than store-bought, snap dragons look pretty in a mason jar wrapped in eyelet lace.


Queen Anne's Lace in a trio of blue mason jarsFinally, group summer flower arrangements together for greater impact.

This pretty trio of Queen Anne’s Lace in my dining room cost me nothing.

I simply paired 2 types of white wildflowers together in blue mason jars.


Charming Home Series at Town and Country LivingCome back tomorrow for more summer decorating inspiration.

You’ll love the charming home tour I’ll be featuring!

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  1. It’s like caging the wild flowers and making them behave while sitting in something pretty for a change:0)
    Anyone grow lavender? I tried a new dwarf variety for my new flower bed and it’s simply failed. I even have a green thumb..sigh!! It’s in a sunny bed on the west side of the house. I have 2 roses climbing up the arbor doing well, crape myrtles doing well but not my lavender :0( We are in zone 5 and I followed all the directions. It’s a new bed with lots of composted soil on top of our clay crud….oh well. Love the flowers in pots here.

    1. Hi Lori! I love what you just said about caging the wild flowers and making them behave! LOL. I too live in Zone 5 and haven’t been successful with lavender either. I stopped trying. Last summer I visited a lavender farm in Door County, Wisconsin. I should’ve asked what their secret is for growing so much of it. I noticed their beds get full sun pretty much all day – so maybe that’s part of it.

  2. I love everyone of your displays. Unfortunately, there are no wildflowers growing where I live in the city. I’m a country beach girl at heart who would love to pick wild flowers by the road. Thank you for sharing.