9 Gorgeous Fall Flower Arrangement Ideas to Try

One thing is certain about fall – no other season can boast its rich colors and cozy appeal. Step outside in the sunlight foliage and you’ll feel like the earth is giving you a big hug! Bring some of that splendor indoors with any of these gorgeous fall flower arrangement ideas.

Bouquet of fall flowers in pumpkin. Autumn decor


A hollowed-out pumpkin makes the perfect vessel for a fall flower arrangement. With the ready availability of heirloom pumpkins and their rainbow of hues, you can have fun matching the flowers to the pumpkin color.

I think I’ll do a tutorial on creating an arrangement in a pumpkin, although you can probably already figure out how to do so. I made a cabbage vase once, but never a pumpkin vase.

Soft fall flower arrangement in light gray pumpkin carved out to act as a vase.


If you don’t feel like you have a knack for arranging flowers, you can create a pretty vignette just by placing a pot of charming mums next to a pumpkin.

White pumpkins and mums sitting outdoors on an old white chair.


Speaking of mums, grab one from your garden center and wrap the plastic pot in burlap and secure in place with twine. It’s a super easy and inexpensive way to display them, both inside and out.

Pot of red Chrysanthemum flowers wrapped in burlap and tied with twine


Did you grow sunflowers in your garden? They make excellent cut flowers and look beautiful all grouped together all on their own. Cut them in slightly varying lengths and tuck them into a pitcher. Just let them fall loosely for a casual look. If you didn’t grow them, you can usually find sunflowers this time of year at the grocery store.

Sunflowers and Gourds for a pretty fall vignette


I love this elegant fall flower arrangement. The seeded eucalyptus is always a great touch in any flower arrangement. I created something similar for spring that includes a flower arranging tutorial.

Autumn still life with flowers, pumpkin, fruits and candles


On the simpler side, gather a few dried flowers and grasses and place in a sleek vase. No need to water and the flowers will stay looking wonderful until the Christmas decorations come out.

Bouquet of dried flowers in pink vase


You know, a fall arrangement doesn’t really need to include any flowers to be stunning. Branches or stems from the garden look great in a wild, messy kind of way. Give it a try – and remember – it doesn’t have to be perfect!

Autumn leaves bunch in vase for a cozy centerpiece or fall decoration


This picture sums up fall for me, with its mums, pumpkins, fall blankets, apples – you can almost smell the season in this photo.

Outdoor fall decorations - pumpkins, mums, plaid blankets

This weekend I want to get some roadside clippings of wild goldenrod and prairie grasses. We have so many in our area and I know they’ll look beautiful all bunched together!

Don’t forget about fall home tour this week. You can see all the blogger homes at the bottom of my own fall home tour post.


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  1. Gorgeous arrangements, and you are right, you can almost smell the fall in the last picture. Nothing better than plaid and pumpkins. Thanks Jennifer.

  2. I have done pumpkin flower arrangements in the past and they can turn out so pretty. You can even put a potted mum inside if you don’t want to fuss with other flowers. These arrangements were all beautiful and I love the natural ones the best.

  3. These are all so beautiful, i usually gather some flowers (weeds) outside to use in my arrangements and wreaths.

  4. Superbe décoration de citrouilles et de fleurs cela sent l’automne a plein nez, merci pour ces belles compositions