9 Enticing Garden Path Ideas

For me, there’s something so enticing about a garden path that beckons you to explore the journey it’s prepared to take you on. Winding past flowers and greenery, it’s a delight to find out around the next curve. (This post contains affiliate links.)

Lush blooming summer garden with paved path


The pathway above is narrow and small flat paver stones are used to create a quaint vibe. You can add a simple path like this to any flower garden you might have and let it empty out onto a grassy expanse.

Below larger stones are used to guide you through a shady garden, which I’m sure is wonderfully cool on a hot summer day.

Shady garden path lined with perennials.


Consider creating a garden path with large pebbles – also known as pond rock. Smoother and more polished river rock could be used, but it tends to be more expensive. You can find bags of pond rock at Lowe’s, Home Depot, or even on Amazon. Create edging to keep the pebbles in check.

Pebble Path in a Shady Garden


If you’re a traditionalist, consider a brick pathway. My friend has a brick patio and all the bricks came from the old firehouse in town. That sure was a lucky score for her!

Paved brick path in lush green summer garden


I really like the use of wood as a walkway. I’d make sure to place landscape fabric underneath to keep weeds at bay, but moss would look great growing between the wood planks.

A close up view of a path make from old wood in an outdoor garden


A climbing rose arbor easily becomes the crowning touch to any path, don’t you think? I’ve always wanted climbing roses but anytime I’ve tried growing roses, they suffer from black spot.

Garden Arbor with Climbing Roses


If you’re looking for something easy to install, a fine mulch path might just be the ticket. Add a couple of chairs or a bench next to the path to enjoy a special spot in the garden.

Mulch pathway in backyard shade gardenPhoto by Hursthouse Landscape Architects and Contractors


You know, you can put a path almost anywhere in your landscape – even along the border of a flower garden.

Stepping Stone Flower Garden Path


Have you ever seen grassy paths? Create one by adding plantings about 36 inches apart on either side and keep the grass mowed short. A beautiful flower arbor makes it especially special.

Idyllic rose garden with pink flowering rambler roses


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  1. What an enchanting post, is right!!! I already took some notes on a pathway I would like to create from the cottage to the lake! Thanks for sharing. I hope everyone is enjoying their summer and staying safe! Happy Fourth of July!!!

  2. The time has come to turn our attention to our back yard. I haven’t gotten a “vision” of how it should look so I really appreciate the posts that you are doing on gardens etc. We can’t put in a pond because it is entirely without shade and our North Central Florida heat would fry the poor fish! BUT…we have been considering a small lap pool!!! So, keep the yard/garden posts coming! Big thanks!

  3. Oh these garden paths are so pretty! I know what you mean about roses and black spot as my 2 knock out roses are having issues with it now. I so wanted to grow one in a pot (zone 5) and winter in the garage but the black spot seemed to take over so I put it in the garden bed in a more open area. CL Iceberg roses from Heirloom Roses is what I planted on my arbor this spring and the flowers are already everywhere and no black spot in sight. The leaves look a beautiful bright green. Fingers crossed! We need shade here as well. Our backyard faces the W-SW and really takes a lot of heat in the summer. Thanks for the ideas on the paths. I could use some fern help, I think they are so pretty but finding that damp shady spot in this yard has been a struggle.

  4. I could look at these kind of pictures all day, it is so hot here right now in Oklahoma that i can’t stay out past 9am. Thanks and have a great 4th of July!!

  5. These pictures were so lovely and whimsical, I could imagine fairies living at the end of the pathways. I used to have the same problem with roses and stopped for many years growing them. But one day a couple of years ago I found some roses that are pest/fungi etc. resistant. They are doing awesome and never so far had a problem with them. I’m not sure you can find these in the States but I would think so. I believe I bought them at the Home Depot here in Canada. Thank you for the bright spot in the day. Happy Fourth to you !