Beautiful Oriental Lilies in the Garden

Yesterday when I came home from work I saw a flash of beautiful pink out in the garden.

That’s when I realized my oriental lilies were in bloom.

Just a couple of the buds were open.

And now today, several of them are blooming their hearts out …

and they’re just gorgeous!

Easy to grow pink Oriental LiliesSo pretty! I had to grab my camera and try to capture their beauty.


White Oriental Lilies in the GardenI have both white and pink lilies out in the garden.

The white blooms are huge … about 6-8″ across.


Pink Oriental LiliesI planted these lilies 3 years ago.

This is the best they’ve ever looked.


Oriental Lilies are easy to grow and add amazing beauty to the gardenThe first year they barely bloomed. Last year they didn’t do much better.

Can you believe I almost ripped these beautiful oriental lilies out of the garden last year?


Pink Oriental Lilies add a shot of color to the gardenMy beautiful lilies are planted near the sidewalk for passers-by to enjoy.

We live in a quiet community and I love when neighbors admire my garden.


White Oriental Lily in an Illinois GardenI love the details of nature … the little pink freckles and bright orange anthers.

Lilies require very little care. Just be sure to plant them in a sunny spot.

A little afternoon shade will give them some relief.


Pink and White Oriental Lilies, stunning and easy to growI think it took 3 years for the flowers to mature and reach full potential.

This is the first year they’ve been loaded with blooms like this.


Beautiful Oriental Lilies need very little care and pack a visual punch in the gardenThis weekend I’m going to cut a few of them and make some flower arrangements.

Can’t wait to smell their sweet fragrance in the house!


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