A Surprising Custom Kitchen Pairs Awesome Teal with Red Brick

It never fails. Every time I think I’ve found the prettiest kitchen, another one pops up that intrigues me even more. That’s what happened when I stumbled across this custom kitchen by Alair Homes that surprisingly marries teal cabinets with red brick walls. The result is a unique kitchen that’s sure to delight anyone.

custom kitchen with turquoise cabinets and brick wallsPhoto by Alair Homes Decatur


Since I know I’m going to get asked, the paint color of the teal cabinetry is Grand Canal by Sherwin Williams. It’s such a great color against the brick walls. Rather than a pull a color from the brick, the designer chose a complementary color – meaning a color on the opposite side of the color wheel. Genius! I’d probably gain weight if this were my kitchen because I’d find an excuse to bake something every day. And when I bake, I always have to eat my creation. I can’t just bake for other people and be satisfied with that. LOL.

turquoise kitchen cabinetsPhoto by Alair Homes Decatur


This custom kitchen has oodles of storage, which makes for better organized shelves. It’s harder to keep stuff in its place when you’re short on room. 

functional details in custom kitchenPhoto by Alair Homes Decatur


Just off the kitchen is an attractive butler’s pantry with more cabinets and a wine fridge. This is definitely an entertaining chef’s dream kitchen. 

entry to home bar through kitchenPhoto by Alair Homes Decatur


Careful consideration was given to every detail of this renovated custom kitchen. The angled tile work mimics the diagonal lines of the window above the sink. Even the pendant light is unique with its chunky chain, which also repeats the diamond shapes of the windows, which are original to the home.

craftsman style home barPhoto by Alair Homes Decatur


Note the color coordination between the white and gold pendant lights and the range hood behind them. And who wouldn’t love the large kitchen island with all the drawers? Red oriental rugs add a little more color against the rich wood floors creating the perfect space for meal prep and baking. 

red brick walls in turquoise kitchenPhoto by Alair Homes Decatur


What do you think of today’s custom kitchen by Alair Homes?


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  1. Absolutely gorgeous! My problem is, I can’t commit to anything! One day I am all about blue, the next you show me a kitchen (or any room) done in yellow, or any other color, and I fall in love all over again.
    I read an article recently about how our brains’ rewards center seeks to feel good, increase our dopamine levels. Apparently, my go-to reward is beautiful homes in every color.

  2. Oh I wanna like it, I wanna like it… I love the brick ( always wanted a brick kitchen!) and I love the color…but together I just can’t quite get there. I do love the floor plan and use of the spaces. I bet it would be much better (for me) in person. And I do love it when folks push the edges and express THEIR style in their homes.

  3. Who wouldn’t want to cook in this pretty, light filled kitchen? I thought it was going to be a bright red. But in the photos it looks more like a brownish red. So the brown/red brick mixed with white, goes with the windows. I think the teal looks nice with this. I never understood brick behind a stove though. I think over time this would start to look bad.

  4. I would never thought of these colors together, but it works. I love this kitchen. Thank you for the post.

  5. We just painted our kitchen walls this color and we love it. I really like how they used the color combination in this kitchen. Absolutely stunning!