Indulge in Culinary Luxury: Discover the Ultimate Bespoke Kitchen

You may have heard the word “bespoke” used in the decorating world, especially if you live in the UK. Simply put, it means “custom made.” Today we’re going to take a peek inside a gorgeous bespoke kitchen by Churchwood Design.

The master-crafted cabinets are painted the beautiful Driftwood Gray by Sanderson, a UK firm that features beautiful fabrics, paints, and wallpaper. The color pairs perfectly with the light wood tone of the floor, table and cabinet knobs.

bespoke pale green kitchenPhoto by Churchwood Design


Stainless steel appliances were chosen to go with the pale greenish gray cabinet color. The cabinetry around the refrigerator is exactly what I’m looking for in my own kitchen. My fridge is in its own little corner and my neighbor said he can build something like this for me.

bespoke kitchen with driftwood gray cabinetsPhoto by Churchwood Design


A small kitchen island is placed underneath a window since the dining table is centered in the room. A bespoke kitchen often has standalone pieces in it which in my opinion, adds a little character.

small painted kitchen island with wood counter topPhoto by Churchwood Design


A glass front cabinet displays vintage China and crystal glassware.

custom English kitchenPhoto by Churchwood Design


A yellow Mason Cash mixing bowl sits on the marbled countertop that features a mix of colors. 

custom English kitchenPhoto by Churchwood Design


A pretty butterfly fabric adorns the kitchen chairs gathered ’round a farmhouse table. The fireplace appears to have a newer inset so that it’s still functional. I can imagine how cozy this room is on a winter’s evening with the fireplace going.

bespoke kitchen with driftwood gray cabinetsPhoto by Churchwood Design


See more photos of this charming bespoke kitchen by Churchwood Design. It enjoys old world design mixed with the conveniences of today.


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  1. This kitchen is so delightful and charming! I also like the size of it….not too big or small, but a functional size that seems just right to me:)

  2. I’ve really enjoyed all your recent “Springy” posts- and realized it isn’t only because I am so ready for a refresh, but because everything, including today’s, look like actual peoples’ home, where they live and plan on living there for quite a while.
    So many blogs and magazines feature homes that scream “staged to sell” or are so beyond what the average person/family could ever afford, especially right now. Thanks so much for providing us with a true breath of fresh Spring air!

  3. I love this paint color. More green than gray at least in the photos. I hope your neighbor can make the cabinets around your refrigerator. They look as if they would be so handy. Do you think the slots in the one cabinet door are for something other than decoration?