Adding Natural Texture in the Kitchen

For the most part, my kitchen is white. Some people think a white kitchen is cold, sterile, and even boring. In my opinion, a white kitchen looks clean, bright, and airy. Don’t get me wrong – I like kitchens with color in them. I just prefer to live with a white one so I can add pops of varying colors depending on my mood or the season. Lately I’m more mindful of adding texture in my home and I think natural textures are a great way to add warmth … especially in a white kitchen.

TCL Kitchen

As you can see, I haven’t added the new kitchen shelving yet. I was just too busy this weekend.


But I did manage to go shopping with my daughter Bridget again.
We have similar taste so I figure she’s a better shopping partner than hubby.


I found these two baskets just perfect for bringing texture and warmth into the kitchen.


This little one was just $6.95 and I think it’s adorable.


I  had a bunch of leftover raffia from another project and decided to stuff it in the larger basket.


Now the raffia is out of any curious kitten’s reach.
Hopefully I won’t be cleaning anymore shreds of it from off the floor.


And hopefully this week I’ll find some time to cook a few meals from scratch.
I’ve really been wanting to get back in the kitchen and try some new recipes.
Like a savory new soup or something sweet and delicate like French macaroons.


Since I’ll be busy cookin’ in the kitchen, the shelves will just have to wait a couple more weeks.
What are some of your upcoming projects that you’ve been putting off?

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  1. for me, there is nothing so beautiful as a white kitchen–the clean purity is the perfect backdrop for making memories with family and friends.

    happy sunday.


  2. Love the new baskets! The smaller one is so cute and fun.

  3. Cute baskets, I love what you have in them to give some colour to the area of your lovely kitchen . Have a good evening !

  4. Your kitchen is so pretty and I love the pops of texture you have used. I love a good white kitchen also. It’s seem so classic and fresh to me.

    Hope you’ll get to cooking up something wonderful in the coming weeks and share what you think.

    Oh, and I have been putting off painting my kitchen cabients. I now have white walls so cabients are next. See I’m working on a white kitchen for myself. LOL.

  5. Love your baskets and the simple wall decor.

    The raffia brought back a memory. Many years and a different house ago, I hung a cute box with straw above the stove. I don’t remember what else was in it.

    One morning, my husband was in Europe on a business trip, I had to take my final exams for my teaching in Los Angeles (90 miles away) after getting the kids to school. My son put something in the oven broiler and walked away.

    We smelled smoke and the straw in the cute box was on fire from the heat emanating from the broiler.

    Of course I was in a rush and no spouse to help when the fire department arrived.

    I’m surprised I passed my classes that day.

    Not a fun memory, but something to ask the kids if they even remember.

  6. Luv your crisp white kitchen. The baskets are too cute. I am especially luving the little one :-)Nice addition of texture.
    Cheers, Gee

  7. Your kitchen is so cute love the white and all the great additions…would love it if you came by and share at

  8. Well, I’ve been trying to get an office together, I don’t know when I’ll finish but it’s first on my list!
    I agree with you on how a white kitchen looks so fresh and clean…yours is adorable!

  9. I love your white kitchen. Really country-like. Regards, Pascale

  10. Qué bonitooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Jennifer, me encanta, It´s amazing; rustic, natural…..PRECIOSO . Repeat: PRECIOSO, this is very very pretty..jajajaja…Spanish lesson…..

  11. I love your kitchen and I agree that white allows you to change things up easily. I painted all my rooms white because I love it that much. I still need to paint 2 hallways, my washroom and the kids bathroom. Goodness!! I have many many projects I need to finish or start on. The baskets are perfect! I definitely will use that idea. They really pop against the white. I love it!

  12. Your new baskets have such great texture. I love the rope attached to the one and the raffia as well. They look great with your beautiful white kitchen!

  13. I love everything about your white kitchen. The baskets add wonderful texture and I think stuffing the raffia inside the basket is such a cute idea.


  14. Love those baskets for texture, Jennifer, and your grapevine wreath, too. I’m only starting to think of a few projects I’d like to do now; I didn’t really have anything planned.

  15. I love your baskets in the kitchen Jennifer! A simple addition that adds big impact.

  16. Jennifer I agree a white kitchen adds warmth and calmness.And you can add any color you want.So easy to change with a neutral back ground! I am in love with your kitchen! Your hanging baskets are lovely! They do add so much warmth!

  17. I love a white kitchen too and you’ve warmed it up just right with those natural accents! Okay, now it’s time for those macaroons!


  18. Lovely – and I want both those baskets -LOL! If you decide you are tired of them someday let me know!!

  19. Jennifer, everything looks really great. Is the pot on the cabinet new or did I just notice it today? I love how you have placed the utensils in it.

  20. Love all the natural touches, and I agree shopping with your daughter would be funner than dragging hubby along.

  21. Yep! I would have to agree that white kitchens rock! You are so right on about bringing in natural textures…simply beautiful! And I love love love the wooden spoons and baskets! Thanks for popping by! Your blog is lovely! Cheers!

  22. Everything is so fresh and beautiful! Are the green floors original to your home?

  23. I love the texture. Those natural baskets are what keep the white from getting too cold. Your kitchen is inspiring. As soon as I can, my kitchen is getting painted white, and beadboard is getting added to the backsplash.

  24. Love the texture and love the baskets. They are warm and rustic and really pop against the white. By the way, my daughter’s name is also Bridget! They are the best…..

  25. Your kitchen is always lovely no matter what you do . These additions are a nice touch ! : )

  26. Your baskets really warm up that little space nicely! I envy you a daughter for a shopping partner – it’s one of the things I miss with Haley being away.

  27. Hello, I’m your newest follower as I’ve just found your blog from Cozy Little House’s “tweak it Tuesday” . love love your blog and home! can’t wait to see the other rooms.

  28. I love your new baskets and your beautiful white kitchen 🙂

  29. Love the additions to thee kitchen with the baskets, they add great texture and I love that white box on the shelf.


  30. I love your white kitchen. I’m painting my cabinets white right now. I wish I had all that beadboard though.

  31. My friend Ivana, (I love her so much), but we couldn’t agree on the idea of white. She also thinks it can look sterile, I say ‘clean and airy’. Exact words, because we talked in English. However, she supports me completely. Shares ideas with me, and asks about future projects… I guess it all depends on the home itself. The atmosphere. You can see a lovely furniture and feel a real coldness of a place. That’s why some places are houses and some are homes! 🙂

    Baskets are a great idea. I love all the changes.


  32. I LOVE white kitchens and I love those pretty baskets hanging from your shelf!

  33. this was right next to me at SSS and I just knew this was you. Love your kitchen. I adore white too. Done right, it’s beautiful and you definitely add lots of texture and interest to your white kitchen!!

  34. Love your white kitchen! The textures really pop against the white walls! Yes, it does add lots of interest and it creates a warmer environment. As for me, I like color, but I do love looking at all white kitchens. Love the color of your floor!

  35. I have always loved white in a kitchen especially white cabinets. Love the texture you have added, those baskets are adorable. Have fun cooking!

  36. I am a basket lover from way back. I love to have plants in mine, even use them outside. I get them super cheap at yardsales!

    Thanks for sharing!
    God bless….Brooke
    My home and garden site…
    My Vintage Art and Printables site…

  37. Love the new baskets and your kitchen is lovely!

  38. I love your white kitchen. I’ve been wanting to repaint only certain areas of our house with white; and repaint ALL THE BASEBOARDS AND DOORS AND FRAMES…just that little bit would make such a difference.
    You’re right, white makes it all look crisp and clean.
    I’ve been putting off cleaning! …maybe I can just repaint it all white and it will magically appear clean?~!

  39. Really pretty, the shelf with the baskets and the simple grapevine wreath are wonderful bits of texture.
    Your white kitchen is lovely.

  40. Love the little baskets on the peg hooks in your lovely kitchen. I have way too many projects I plan to work on but one that I really need to get started on is our king bedskirt. I took it off to wash it and have decided to sew a new one. That was before Christmas and our box spring has been showing since!

  41. I am dreaming of having a white kitchen! Yours is beautiful and The baskets are a great addition.
    Thanks for sharing this at the Open House party.
    xx, Sherry

  42. I LOVE your kitchen! So beautiful!
    Your newest follower,

  43. You have such a beautiful home!! I am in love with your kitchen, I could look at these pics all day! I also love the living room in the post above! The colors are so happy and pretty. Such an inviting, cozy home!

  44. So beautiful. I love the floors! I love a white kitchen and yours is gorgeous.

  45. I love it. The are so pretty and go perfectly with your kitchen.

    I have a sketch that I made of my kitchen a while back that includes hanging baskets. I haven’t quite figured out how I plan to display them or if my drawing will work. I’m a basket fiend, and use them all over the house to disguise clutter.

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