An Amazing and Lovingly Restored 1850’s Home Garden Unveiled

Today we’re taking a tour of a gorgeous home garden on the property of a restored 1850’s house located in Wisconsin. The garden was designed and created by American Landscape and was a Gold Award Winner for Landscape Construction. The project involved keeping some of the original plantings intact while giving the yard a fresh new look.

The original 1850’s stone house features a flagstone path leading toward a small patio and the front door. Mature evergreens create shade for a group of white hydrangeas situated in a berm surrounded by statement boulders. 

historic 1850's home gardenPhoto by American Landscape

A closer view reveals boxwood bushes and small hostas. A paver patio was added next to the front door and creates a charming outdoor living area. 

historic 1850's home gardenPhoto by American Landscape

Stone steps lead down from one side of the patio to the flagstone path across the front lawn. A wooden replica of an older flag decorates space between the eyebrow windows on the first floor. Shade-loving plants like hostas and hydrangeas dress up the softscape areas. 

historic home garden tourPhoto by American Landscape

The patio provides a view of the beautiful Wisconsin countryside. White farm fencing surrounds the 1850’s home property with farm fields visible across the road. Comfortable outdoor furniture with navy blue cushions and blue pillows create the perfect space for a slow morning coffee or afternoon tea. 

paver patio in front of historic stone housePhoto by American Landscape

The paver sidewalk leads from the patio by the front door out to the attractive garage. A group of boxwoods, potted flowers, and an ornamental tree are the focal points on the trip to the garage. 

paver sidewalk from house to garagePhoto by American Landscape

The 1850’s historic home features a newer section as well as the older stone facade. The updated section enjoys a farmhouse vibe with white siding and cedar beams. A grouping of sedum surrounds the beautiful white birch tree next to the paver sidewalk leading to the black door. Potted blooms add cheery color.

modern farmhouse outside entryPhoto by American Landscape

From this angle, you can see the expanse of meadow beyond the white fence. The setting of this home garden is truly bucolic. A row of small boxwoods soften the edges of the sidewalk. 

modern farmhouse outside entryPhoto by American Landscape

I recently added a wooden trellis to the front of my house between the windows with flower boxes. I started a small, purple clematis to grow and fill in the trellis. 

wooden trellis on side of farmhousePhoto by American Landscape

I hope you enjoyed this award winning 1850’s historic home garden by American Landscape as much as I did. 

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  1. I absolutely ADORED this house and landscaping… and the VIEWS!!! I really enjoyed that they kept the landscaping nice and “tight.” It’s smart and much easier maintenance to use a backbone of evergreens and nonflowering plants, then add color with pots of flowers. Of course, pots of flowers need lots of watering but if they are receiving water from a sprinkler system then voila! I’m moving more towards that as I redo our landscaped areas. And my “evergreens” are berry bushes and hydrangeas. THIS HOME has done everything right. The paths, the plantings used, the accenting pots of flowers, the architectural elements and the home itself makes me smile. I am wondering, however, what do you think are the smaller plants used throughout the beds? And, I agree, I would love to see the inside of this home!