Spring Bulb Gardens to Soothe Your Soul

Winter is coming to a close and I figure we can all use a dose of spring bulb gardens to lighten our moods and help anticipate the joy of longer days and warmer breezes, not to mention the beautiful colors of spring!

Entryway Gardens

Every spring I kick myself for not adding more bulbs near the entryway of our home. What a beautiful way to greet guests to your home. Not to mention how much you’d enjoy it yourself!

Traditional landscape with spring bulbsPhoto by Greenhaven Landscapes Inc

If you’re like me and failed to plant bulbs near the front door, you can always add them in pots. Just don’t forget to plant some bulbs in the ground when fall rolls around.

Painted front door with spring bulb containersPhoto by Le jardinet

Planting bulbs in the midst of hostas is such a clever idea! One thing that I don’t like about bulbs is the way they look when they start to fade. You’re not supposed to cut the greens down to the ground until the leaves have died. Hostas provide an easy way to hide the fading tulip and daffodil foliage.

Traditional spring landscape at front entrance of homePhoto by The Garden Concierge, Inc.

Spring Bulb Container Gardens

Pinks, yellow, and violet all come together to create a striking spring container garden. Flowering spring branches and trailing ivy complete the look. I must have one of these at my front steps come springtime!

Spring Flower Container GardenPhoto by Premier Service

Not a fan of pastels? Choose more vivid colors for your spring bulb gardens. So gorgeous!

flowering spring container gardenPhoto by Greenhaven Landscapes Inc

For a simpler look, stick with one type of spring bulb in a container. You won’t have to fuss with grouping different types of flowers and the look is still amazing.

Tulips in pots at front doorPhoto by Le jardinet

Spring Bulb Garden Beds

Have you ever noticed a wave of tulips bedded together like this? I always think it makes such a statement in the landscape and need to remember to plant an arrangement like this in the fall.

Tulip Garden BedsPhoto by The Garden Concierge, Inc.

Tulip Garden BedPhoto by The Garden Concierge, Inc.

Tuck spring bulbs into any area of your garden. They look pretty in a courtyard with their cheery color.

Courtyard garden in springPhoto by Jean Brooks Landscapes

Another option is to choose one color of spring bulbs to populate your garden beds. White and green gardens are elegant and serene. Note the use of various architecture of plantings to give this monochromatic garden visual interest.

Green and white courtyard gardenPhoto by Verdance Landscape Design

Simple Garden Groupings

Make a colorful impact in your spring bulb gardens with vivid tulips. Just a few grouped together provides all the color you need.

Red Tulips Near Picket FencePhoto by Le jardinet

When I plant spring bulbs, I keep in mind the color of my house. As a general rule, I don’t like to plant yellow flowers in the garden beds next to my home since my house is yellow. Although, I do have yellow daffodils that were planted when the house was pink.

Red and Yellow TulipsPhoto by Premier Service

Here’s one of my favorite spring bulb gardens in a neighborhood not too far from where I live. Every year we walk past this house and others like it in the spring.

Tulips and Spring Bulb Gardens next to white picket fence

What type of spring bulbs do you have planted in your garden beds?

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  1. Good morning Jennifer. Hope all is well. Love your post this morning and I can’t wait for spring. I have planted tulips very carefully and they never came up, only to find them elsewhere in the yard. Those silly squirrels just cannot leave them be! Oh well, at least they weren’t eaten. Have a great day.

  2. HOLD UP! We can be enjoying bulbs NOW inside. Put some stones in the bottom of a container, place your bulbs, and water just until the water barely touches the bulb bottom. Place in a bright window or room. NO direct sunlight.
    Come on gals with your sun porches, kitchen window sills WHAT COULD BE MORE LOVELY? Everyday is like spring.
    Paper whites are the fastest to bloom, but try tulips, crocus, etc. ENJOY!

    Hint #2 Using suction stickers hang some glass prisms in the windows. Shadows are lovely to enjoy during these cold months inside. Even toddlers enjoy the shadows on the walls.
    Remember the kids movie, POLLYANNA? This was part of that story!

    [email protected]

    1. Hi Nan!
      I love your ideas! I’ve never thought to try crocus indoors, but why not? They’d look adorable on the kitchen windowsill. I’ve never seen the movie Pollyanna, but I do remember a neighbor had a prism in her window and as a kid I loved seeing the colors of the rainbow from it. Great suggestions for adding a little magic to winter!

      1. I have given up with Tulips eaten by squirrels and now plant them in large containers.I can then place them where I want and empty them when the bulbs are past their prime. I just treat tulips like annuals. Daffodils are planted out in the gardens where they can multiply and be used for display and cutting for the house. Never can plant enough!

  3. I never have much luck with bulbs. And I love the look of tulips poking out of hostas, but any tulips I may have, are dead and gone way before my hostas are full and pretty. The midwest isn’t the best zone for some of the prettiest gardens. A little farther South makes all the difference. We can only do our best with what we have, I guess.

    1. Hi Pat!
      I wonder if later-blooming bulbs would bloom late enough to be enjoyed with your hostas? I tend to buy the earlier blooming bulbs mainly because I’m anxious to see them.

  4. I have to admit that I am not a bulb-planter-person but I sure do admire those who are!
    And I sure do enjoy their labors of love.
    Thanks for inspiring us!

  5. Love tulips so your pictures are so great.
    I live in a condo so I just have them in planters from mid May to August.
    My mother had tulips all along the yard in the house we grew up in. So beautiful.
    Tulips are very special to me as they are the flower that brought the man who would be my husband and I to begin dating.

  6. I love these beautiful flowers, i need to plant some of these too. I need to do a lot of things and hopefully someday i will get it all done. Since i retired i think the days have gotten shorter and shorter every year,lol!!!

  7. Hi Jennifer,
    A while back I read an article that stated the Japanese have scientifically proven that the presence of trees, flowers, and their scents build our immune system. Forest air is soothing and landscapes offer a therapeutic healing. I too will plant more flowers and sit and observe their beauty and inhale their soothing healing fragrance.
    x Linda

  8. Hi Jen,
    I love the colours chosen. So bright and beautiful arrangement. I am particularly interested at the moment of the flowers and tulips you have done in the large green pot. I have a pot just like it but in white. How would you plant an arrangement like this?
    Thank you s much

  9. Ahhh, Spring!
    Is there any better sign of hope, then these beautiful Spring bulbs that push through the cold earth and return year after year? The colors are so welcoming after a snowy, cold winter. Especially in Michigan and especially going through a year with COVID!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Happy Spring, everyone & Stay safe!

  10. I am not a bulb planter either, but I appreciate those that do. These pictures are AMAZING, Jennifer. Thank you.