Beautiful Home Projects, Inside and Out: Style Showcase

In addition to a variety of home projects, today on Style Showcase you can also enjoy a garden tour in Georgia. And speaking of gardens, I’m sharing garden path ideas while Suzy and Janet feature fun and easy things to beautify your home any time of the year.

Southern Hospitality | Spring at Gibbs Gardens

Have you ever been to Gibbs Gardens in northern Georgia? If you answered no, you can take a virtual trip there today by hopping over to Rhoda’s blog to see its beauty. 


Town and Country Living | Garden Path Ideas

I’m constantly rethinking my garden spaces and half the fun of summer is editing my outdoor living spaces. One way to make an improvement is through the use of garden paths that lead you on a journey through the landscape. Check out the various options I’m sharing. 

stone garden path


Worthing Court | Decorating a Tray Like a Pro

Suzy has a great collection of trays that are made from wood, baskets, you name it! Discover her ideas for using trays to create pretty vignettes throughout the house. 


Shabbyfufu | 20 Ways To Make Your Home Look Expensive

Do you have champagne taste on a shoestring budget? Janet shares easy ways to improve the look of your home, from first impressions to statement pieces. See her 20 tips.


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