Book Page Apples and Free Printable

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved working with paper. It started with doing origami as a young child and moved onto making gum wrapper chains as an older kid. Then in junior high I became enamored with stationery and all the different patterns available. When I managed a fitness club, I loved coordinating colored memos and signs. And now, I love working with book pages and scrap book paper (even though I don’t do any scrap booking). Last year I saw book page pumpkins on Pinterest and decided to try my hand at it … but made book page apples instead.

How to Make Book Page Apples


This is an easy and inexpensive project that starts with a paperback novel. At the end of the post you’ll find a free apple printable to download to make your own book page apples.

How to Make Book Page Apples

Ha! I  just noticed the words “first to die” on the front page. First thing you want to do is remove the cover of the book. Place your pattern (half of the apple) on top of the book with the flat edge aligned with the spine of the book. Using an exacto knife, trace around the half apple template cutting through several pages of the book. Keep removing the excess and cutting through more pages following the template outline.

How to Make Book Page Apples


Paint the edges of the book pages with red acrylic paint (you can have the kids or grand kids help you with this step). Once the paint is almost dry, fan the pages so they don’t stick together.  Once the paint is completely dry, bend the spine of the book to make it pliable. Add a short line of hot glue to the spine at the top of the apple and glue a thin, short stick to the top with about an inch sticking above the top of the apple. Then bend the spine back again and glue the first and last page together.

How to Make Book Page Apples


Keep fanning the pages to create a full, well-rounded apple.

Tip: The thicker the novel, the better the apple will look and it will be easier to fan the pages evenly.

How to Make Book Page Apples


Cut a leaf from green construction paper and glue to the twig. And voila!  You have your book page apples!

How to Make Book Page Apples


Be sure to download the Apple Template to make your own book page apples.

Apple TemplateThis is a great summer craft project to do with kids. They’ll enjoy decorating their rooms with the apples – although they’ll look great in other rooms, too!


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  1. I remember as a kid folding pages on the small Readers Digest magazines and bending the spine back to make decorations but these are way cuter – love the subtle red paint on the outside edge – nice touch!