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Do you like to walk through model homes or visit open houses?  I do but I’m not really sure why. Does it stem from youth when I played house all the time as a little girl? I’ve just always had a fascination with houses, from their layouts to the way they’re decorated. I never tire of looking at houses. When I was in high school I used to draw floor plans of houses I would design. I thought about being an architect at one time. Anywho …  hubby and I recently visited a model home by Pulte … and I fell in love with the floor plan.

Front Office in a Pulte Model Home

This beautiful home is the Riverton model. The style of decor is what I call industrial chic … not really my style but I think it’s tasteful.  The front door is to the right, and this office space is what they call a “flex” room, meaning it can be whatever you want it to be.


Industrial Chic Style Dining RoomThe dining room is on the other side of the front entrance. What I love about this house is the layout. It’s so open and spacious and would be a great place to have all of the family over for holidays and special occasions.


Industrial Chic Style Dining RoomThe dining room leads into a butler’s pantry that leads to the kitchen. One thing about model homes … they show a lot of the upgrades which increases the price of the house. So when looking at the base price, you need to keep that in mind.


Industrial Chic KitchenThe kitchen is darker than what I prefer, but I do love the kitchen cabinets in this house, which are available in white. I love the wood floors throughout!


Model Home OfficeAt the end of the kitchen is a built-in office area, or homework space for kids.


Model Home PlayroomAnother upgrade is this small room next to the office area. Normally this is part of the garage (you can see the tandem style garage space in the first floor layout below).


Industrial Chic KitchenI have to confess … hubby and I are talking about putting our house on the market this spring, and looking at model homes is giving me ideas what to consider for the future. I’d love to find a house with an open floor plan like this one, where all the kids can come over and we all fit into one big open room.


Industrial Chic Living Room. Riverton Model by Pulte.At the other end of the kitchen is the living or family room. So you can prepare food in the kitchen yet still be in the same room as everyone watching the football game. And better yet, if the TV is big enough you can see the game yourself!


Industrial Chic Living Room. Riverton Model by Pulte.If I moved into this home, I’d add farmhouse touches like shiplap or bead board walls.


Riverton Model Home by Pulte BuilderFrom the staircase, you get a better idea of the open layout in this home. The sunroom located off the eating area is an upgrade. I love the staircase because it’s U-shaped as opposed to one long set of stairs.


Second Floor LoftAnd at the top of the stairs is a loft, as opposed to a long hallway leading to bedrooms. I’m not a fan of the wrought iron on the stair rail, but it’s an upgrade so no worries. The standard rail is all wood.  Maybe I don’t like wrought iron stair rails because we had one in my childhood home and I once got my head stuck in it. Don’t ask.


Boys BedroomThe bedrooms are all decent-sized.  With 4 of them, each grandchild could have their own room when they spend the night at grandma’s. I would love that! Hubby says it’s more house than we need, which is true, but it’d still be nice to have a room for each grandchild.


Guest BedroomHere’s a bedroom with bead board!  The bedrooms have walk-in closets which is a bonus.  One thing our current home severely lacks is closet space!


Girl's BedroomI love this gold and white girl’s bedroom! It’s feminine but not too girly.


Industrial Chic Master BedroomThe master bedroom has a tray ceiling. It’s not my decorating style, but the space is sufficient.  I forgot to take a picture of the master bathroom, but the toilet has its own little space with a door. Love that!

Here’s the floor plans if you’re interested in seeing the layout.

Riverton Model - First Floor

First Floor Layout – Riverton Model by Pulte


Riverton Model - Second Floor

Second Floor Layout – Riverton Model by Pulte

And if you’d like a virtual tour … you can watch the video!


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  1. I wouldn’t change a thing. I can only dream………

  2. Beautiful! I think model homes are a great inspiration. The problem for me though, is that they are just that a model home. They aren’t staged to look lived in. I like home that looks like its been decorated over time and shows the homeowners personality. I need to see some vintages pieces too. All brand new is lovely but doesn’t have the warmth I like. Still it’s great inspiration and gives you so much eye candy. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Really, really nice home!
    Praying that you and hubby have great wisdom as you make decisons about a possible move.

  4. quite lively dont you think jennifer /
    Tx . Lal

  5. The floors are lovely and I especially like the fireplace in the corner. The TV has its own spot, perfect for viewing from many angles (tuned to BBC, of course). Jennifer, if you had this home, it would sparkle with your personality and style.

  6. Great floorplan. Good idea having bedrooms for each of the grandchildren. My son really disliked visiting his grandma because he had to share space with a cousin – not a problem when they are younger, but as teens – ugh!

  7. Jeanne L says:

    I would move in tomorrow. This really isn’t my style but it all looks snazzy. I like so many styles like cottage, coastal, farmhouse, traditional, and industrial that I would end up throwing all styles into this house. That is my trouble I like almost everything except mid-century modern. Did you ever watch Mad Men? If so, do you remember Don Draper’s Manhattan apt.? I didn’t like that style of furnishings.

  8. Marlene Stephenson says:

    I love to tour homes and see what they do with the different layouts. It does need more farmhouse style for me. Thanks Jennifer.

  9. I love looking at homes too. When I had a dog, and walked him every night, I always had my favorite route with my favorite houses. I just loved a Tudor style home and when it had an open house I couldn’t wait to go. Boy was I disappointed . Terrible layout. One of the reasons we bought our current home was the big family room for entertaining. Happy house hunting!

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