Bookcase Makeover

Today we just finished painting the outside of our house and you’d think I’d be sick and tired of painting, but I decided to paint my little bookcase in the family room. I have a big change coming soon to this room but more on that in a future post.

For now, I’ll just share my bookcase makeover.

Here’s the “after” …

Bookcase Makeover from plain white to a painted two-toned applicationI wanted my bookcase to have a little bit more drama than before.


Little white bookcase before her makeoverHere she is before her makeover. Not bad … but not great either.


Bookcase with a blend of Annie Sloan Chalk Paints. I used one part Graphite and one part Louis BlueShe wears a two-toned look for added dimension. The color is a custom mix of Annie Sloan Chalk Paints. I used one part Graphite and one part Louis Blue.  The back and insides are painted in Old White. I finished my bookcase makeover with a light coat of clear wax.


DIY Bookcase Makeover with Chalk PaintThis time of year has me wanting to add a little richness to my home decor.

Giving the bookcase a makeover with gray-blue paint is one step in that direction.


DIY Painted Bookcase with Small Bee Print My framed bee print hangs from the top. It adds an unexpected twist to the bookcase.

Colorful, vintage books fill parts of the shelves.


Stack of Vintage BooksI have lots of vintage books. The other day our library was giving away several for free!


Vintage Tin with Wine Corks and Baby BooThe top of the bookcase gets a vintage tin filled with wine corks and a Baby Boo.

You can tell by the Fetzer Crimson cork that I prefer red wines!


Annie Sloan Chalk Paint gives a bookcase a new makeoverHmmm. A glass of red wine would taste pretty good while sitting in this chair.

I can grab one of my vintage books to read, too.

Now that it’s all done, I have to say I like the bookcase much better now!

And speaking of books …

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  1. Jennifer, it looks great. It’s a beautiful color and and I love the things you put in it. Love the bee picture too but my favorite is the tin on top. Excellent job! I would love to copy this look in my own home. Now if I only had a bookcase….

  2. Wow, Jennifer, what a difference just framing out your bookcase in new color makes! I really like it, and I completely understand your wanting to add some richness to your home. I’m doing the same, anticipating that void in color from outside and the long winter to come. Looks great, and the styling is sharp too.

  3. That is a really nice change, Jennifer. I like the soft blue you used for the bookshelf and the revamp provides a lot of interest. Love the old metal container and lid. Beautiful!

  4. Hello, Jennifer! I LOVE your bookcase. The style of it and the custom color go together perfectly. I collect old books for decor as well. The lamp shade behind the chair so super cute! I may have to make one of those myself. Have a wonderful day! ~ Jamie

  5. Hi Jennifer, love the color of the bookcase, great mixture of colors. Love the accessories too. I don’t blame you for celebrating being finished with the outside painting. Huge undertaking