The Secret to the Perfect Pie

Do you remember the first time you baked a pie?  I sure do!  I was a nervous wreck. It was back in my high school home economics class. Our teacher was explaining the intricacy of making pie crust and all the mistakes that could be made.  I thought for sure I would fail our pie-making test and I would be the laughing stock of my family. We were tasked with making a crust with either shortening or oil. My group was the only one that went the route of an oil-based crust in our quest to make the perfect pie. It turned out beautifully and to this day, I always use oil instead of shortening when making pie crust.

Slice of Coconut Cream Pie by Marie Callender's DessertsBut this post is not about making the perfect pie. This post is about the secret to the perfect pie. And that, my friends, is the crust, which is the foundation of any pie … cream, fruit, ice cream, you name it.  Rolling out a pie crust and cooking it to perfection takes a little time, and when you don’t have time you can reach for a pie with homemade goodness like Marie Callender’s Desserts.


Coconut Cream Pie by Marie Callender's DessertsOne of my favorite pies is Coconut Cream Pie with its crunchy flakes of toasted coconut on top. I’m extremely picky about pie crust (probably due to the fear instilled by my high school home economics teacher) and if it’s slightly burnt or too dry … it ruins the whole pie.


Cream PiesYou’ll find crusts made from scratch when you enjoy Marie Callender’s pies. Of course, you need quality ingredients for the pie filling as well because when you skimp on quality, you can taste the difference.


Marie Callneder's Cream PiesIt seems to me there are 2 different types of pie lovers. Fruit pie fans and those who crave cream pies. Me and my family fall into the latter category. We love our cream pies; our favorites being Coconut Cream Pie and Chocolate Satin Pie.


Chocolate Satin PieMy kids prefer chocolate pies.

You know, the ones with a crumbly cookie crust and decadent whipped cream on top.


Chocolate Satin PieRich chocolate curls on top are the “icing” on the pie, so to speak.


Coconut Cream PieI’ve still got a couple slices of Coconut Cream Pie in the fridge to enjoy with its creamy custard filling and fresh toasted coconut on top.  I think my home economics teacher would approve of the crust and creamy filling! You can find Marie Callender’s Desserts in most grocery stores and the price is very reasonable, too!

How about you? Do you fall in the fruit pie or cream pie camp? Leave a comment for a chance to win a $100 Visa Gift Card!


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  1. We all love the Cram Pies. They are all so good !

  2. I just had delicious coconut cream pie the other day so I will say I now fall into the cream pie camp.

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  4. Julie Wood says:

    I love Cream Pies the Best, especially if it is Chocolate Cream Pie! The Chocolate Satin Pie looks delicious!

  5. Julie Wood says:


  6. I like cream pies the most. There are only a couple of fruit pies that I will eat.

  7. I love both, but if I have to choose- fruit pie camp.
    tcarolinep at gmail dot com

  8. tweet-

  9. That is such a hard decision to choose between the two, but I guess I like more cream based pies than fruit!

  10. I love fruit pies

  11. I love fruit pies

    elena150980 at yahoo dot com

  12. Oh wow, I love ALL pies! However, coconut crème brings back fond memories as my mom always made them.

  13. I really do love all pies. With that said, coconut crème holds a special place in my heart as my mother made an excellent one!

  14. I’m definitely a cream pie person – especially for banana cream pie!
    thank you

  15. I prefer fruit pie!

  16. I so fall into the cream pie camp and Marie Callender’s makes the best ones.

  17. I’m in the fruit pie camp! Yum!!

  18. Fruit pie if it’s cherry – cream pie if it’s chocolate for me

  19. Margaret Smith says:

    I honestly like them both. The cream pies really look divine. Thanks so much.

  20. Margaret Smith says:
  21. Lisa Brown says:

    I have to say, definitely, cream pies.

  22. Lisa Brown says:

    my tweet-

  23. Steven weber says:

    I love fruit pies

    groogruxking40 @ gmail dot com

  24. Steven weber says:
  25. We love coconut cream pie

  26. Nancy Loring says:

    I would have to say that I fall into the fruit pie camp.

  27. Definitely fruit! Cherry Crunch is my favorite, although much harder to find than the Dutch Apple. They both taste awesome with vanilla bean ice cream!

  28. shelly peterson says:

    I love both, but if I had to chose it would be cream pies.
    cshell090869 at aol dot com

  29. shelly peterson says:
  30. I love fruit pie!

  31. Betsy Barnes says:

    All pies are yummy, however, nothing beats a warm fruit pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream! #sweepstakes 🙂

  32. Betsy Barnes says:
  33. Jessica To says:

    I lean towards fruit pies with an apple but I really like a peanut butter pie too!

  34. I like both but I prefer fruit.

  35. I like cream pies

  36. I’ve never met a pie I don’t like…but I like to tell myself the fruit pies are healthier because they have fruit! 😉

  37. i am not picky, i will eat any. but preference may depend on my mood at the time

  38. I definitely fall into the fruit pie group!

  39. I like cream pies the most, but I can eat both!

  40. I love both kinds, but I lean toward cream pies…..mmmmmm!

  41. CR Williams says:

    I am more apart of the cream pie camp.

  42. CR Williams says:
  43. Those look delicious. I actually fall more into the fruit pie with the exception of coconut cream pie- which I do love as well. Love to enjoy a slice with my sweet Nana.

  44. Yum! Typically I think that I fall in the fruit pie category but I acutally really love coconut cream pie to! Perfect after a good supper! starla.batesATyahooDOTcom

  45. In the summer when I can get fresh fruit, I love fruit pies, but in the winter I love cream pie!

  46. i like fruit pies better

  47. I love a good apple pie and feel Marie Callender’s delivers!

  48. Cream pies are my favorite!

  49. Allison Swain says:

    I like both but I tend to enjoy cream pies more often.
    Thank you for the giveaway! 🙂


  50. Allison Swain says:
  51. I love fruit, but when it comes to cake and pie, I prefer chocolate/cream!

  52. This will make a great dessert.

  53. Kimmy Ripley says:

    I prefer creme pies over fruit. Love them so much! Marie Callender’s makes an excellent pie. We are big fans of them.

  54. i like them both! but pecan is my favorite pie of all [email protected]

  55. Wanda McHenry says:

    I fall into the fruit pie camp, but I do like a good cream pie occasionally.

  56. Wanda McHenry says:
  57. I love a fruit pie especially cherry or mixed berry

  58. Susan Smith says:

    I prefer cream pies. Coconut and chocolate cream pies are my favorite.

  59. Susan Smith says:
  60. I am a fruit pie lover! I grew up on my mom’s apple and cherry pies.

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  61. tweet–

  62. maria cantu says:

    I like chocolate creme pie.

  63. I love both, but especially fruit pie with ice cream!

  64. I love both fruit pies and cream pies — but it just so happens that we had a cookie cream pie today for Valentine’s Day!
    westiemks5 at yahoo dot com

  65. Stephanie Phelps says:

    I fall in both camps! I just love pie more than cake and cookies! Such awesome pies!

  66. Stephanie Phelps says:
  67. sarah hirsch says:

    i’m a cream pie girl all the way

  68. Anastasia Falling says:

    I’m in the “every pie” camp! I love them all! Cherry is my favorite fruit pie. Chocolate Silk is one of my favorite cream pies…mmmm They’re all so delicious!

  69. Anastasia Falling says:
  70. I am in the middle, love both fruit and cream pies.

  71. Cream pies for me!

  72. i love both pie cream and fruit

  73. i prefer a cream pie!

  74. Ellie Wright says:

    I like both. Maybe cream pies just a little more.

  75. Ellie Wright says:
  76. Love em both, but my heart leans towards the creme pies!

  77. Generally, I am in the cream pie camp but once in awhile I do like to have fruit.

  78. Tweeted-

  79. Shawn Gallagher says:

    Cream pie camp!

  80. Shawn Gallagher says:
  81. I’m a fruit lover so fruit pie camp

  82. I have to say we are equal opportunity pie lovers. My husband was an avid fan of cherry pie so every week I made a cherry pie from scratch. And I do have to say my crusts were awesome. But along came children and they are more fans of cream pies. As for myself, I love both.

  83. I refuse to pick! hahaah I love them both too much!!! It just really depends on my mood, to be honest. 😀

  84. the only fruit pie I enjoy is the apple pie and prefer cream pies

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  85. I fall into the fruit pie but I love cream pie as well. My favorite is a little of both, the Lemon Meringue pie.

  86. Thomas Murphy says:

    I am in the cream pie camp

  87. Thomas Murphy says:
  88. tammy shelton says:
  89. tammy shelton says:

    I love cream pies the best!

  90. I’d celebrate Leap Year Day with a Key Lime Pie! Any excuse for a Marie Callender pie!
    Thanks for the contest.

  91. #SweepstakesEntry- comment

    I’m a cream pie freak! especially the Chocolate Satin Pie

    Kathryn C

  92. #SweepstakesEntry – tweet:

    Kathryn C

  93. I am so a cream pie person.
    thank you

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