Thinkin’ about the Kitchen

When the weather turns cooler, I find myself spending more time in the kitchen. Fall always puts me in the mood to cook and bake. Maybe it has something to do with harvest time. Last year this time I was busy canning tomatoes from the garden. This year, the crop wasn't so hot and there's not enough left over to can for the winter.Maybe that's a good thing because it frees me up to do other things. Like think about the kitchen and changes I … [Read more...]

Stuff I Wanna Get Done in 2012

If I were to list everything I wanna get done in 2012, this blog post would involve so much scrolling down the page that you'd be sure to get carpal tunnel syndrome. For now, I'll limit it to manageable goals ... and goals for which I have pictures taken. So in no particular order ... Paint the house. This photo was taken several years ago so it doesn't look like it needs painting. Fast forward about 10 years and this little cottage is in need of … [Read more...]

To Beadboard or Not to Beadboard

Personally, I feel you can never have too much beadboard in your house. It's classic and fun all at once. It's elegant yet cottage-chic. Beadboard lends a clean look to any room and is an easy way to add architectural detail to plain old walls. Shoot, you can even apply it to stock cabinetry, giving the everyday kitchen a customized look. I've got standard beadboard in my kitchen, and variations of it on my stairway and in one of my bathrooms. … [Read more...]

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