Pamper Your Feet and Give a Gift

Shopping for Christmas gifts can sometimes be a bit daunting, so it's nice when you get a little bit of inspiration to help with your gift selection process. This happened to me when I was shopping at Walmart the other day. I'd heard about the Amope Pedi Perfectâ„¢ recently and wanted to give it a try to pamper my feet. When I saw the bonus pack with a free refill, I knew right away who'd receive the second one as a gift. If you read my blog … [Read more...]

Making a Choice for Health and Fitness

Lately I've been doing a lot of thinking about my health. No, there's nothing wrong ... at least, that I know of anyway. I've been exercising since my early twenties when I started havin' babies and I've kind of been slacking off since summer, running a few miles off and on but not running on a regular, disciplined basis like I normally do. I haven't been paying as close attention to what I put in my mouth, either.The combination of not … [Read more...]

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